What's the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about India and Sports? Cricket. Isn't it? Indians are crazy about Cricket. Infact, Cricket is more like a religion for us Indians and IPL is no less than any festival. And since IPL has started, we are all in that ChakDe India mode where we want our Country to rule the IPL. I know, I know, there are also the 'Not Interested in Cricket' kind of people that exist and they're on our list too. Take a look at the 7 types of Cricket Fans you all will relate to. Take a look and tell us which one are you?  

1. The Hardcore Fan:

Usually, people are addicted to alcohol or drugs. But these kind of people are much above them and they are passionately addicted to cricket and hence they are really emotional towards the team.

2. The Follower:

A follower of cricket who isn’t a fan, these are the people who follow because everyone else does. All they know is what they’ve read on Wikipedia.

3. Only a World Cup Fan:

These people get active when the world cup is around, they are glued to the screens and are highly enthusiastic towards the game.

4. The Old School Fan:

These people never stop criticizing and comparing the old team with the new. They judge the new team all the time and don’t accept any criticism.

5. The Fighter:

These people are crazy fans of Football and they always keep fighting in debates over Cricket and Football, majorly about for their game not being in the limelight.

6. The Hater:

These are limited edition fans! Those who always believe that critic is the best key to prove their point. They just hate cricket and are never in favour of even watching it. 'Welcome to the haters club' is their tagline.

7. The Predictor:

Predicting every move of the match, these kind of people aren't always the right predictors but if they're right, they would always be ready with - "Dekha, maine bola tha naa!" dialogue.

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