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Valentine's Day is almost here. That time of the year when all the singles gag at the 'so-called' cute gifts, decorations, date plans and lovey-dovey status updates and couple pictures on Social Media. What? We aren't lying. Ask all the singles out there! And if you’re brave enough to go to a bar or restaurant or even for a movie, you will be surrounded by public display of affection. No matter if you think they should get a room or do all the kisses and hugs somewhere in private, you'll have to resist because no couple out there wants to listen to you complaining about their things. So, here's a list of 10 things to do on Valentine's day if you're Single. 

1. Cry

2. Pick your Nose

3. Babysit for the couples celebrating Valentine's Day

4. Go for shopping alone & enjoy Valentine's Day Offers

5. Chop some onions

6. Download a dating app or go on a dating website & try your luck

7. Call your Ex

8. Celebrate with Wine alone at home

9. Report every Valentine's Day photo on Social Media as "inappropriate."

10. Cry some more

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