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Let’s Get The Ball Rolling For Your Kraftly Shop!

Welcome to the world of Kraftlypreneurship.

You know what, you are awesome. Why? Because, you would be creating an amazing mini shop on India’s first app only market where you can buy & sell everything eXclusive. With Kraftly, we assure you that we will help you connect, share, grow and take a step ahead in making your brand – a global brand!

Although, Selling on Kraftly is a cakewalk, we have prepared this handy guide to make “Selling on Kraftly” super duper easy for you. Here, you will find every detail from store creation till successfully fulfilling an order, in no time.

As a very popular quote says, “The secret of getting ahead is getting started,” So Let’s Get, Set and Go!

We believe that in every seller, there is a buyer, hidden somewhere and willing to come out. That’s why, Kraftly is a complete shopping app. While you can kick start your mini shop in seconds (quite literally) and enter the world of online business, you can always take a break and check out our awesome products from your fellow Kraftlypreneurs.

Create Your Mini Shop Sign up on Kraftly and in just 30 seconds, you can create your mini shop. Add your brand logo, banners, contact and other information.

List your products Just click, upload and sell directly from your smartphone. Add product details like description, quantity, attributes, etc and list products instantly.

Sell on Social Media Turn your friends into buyers. In just a click, share your products with images and direct payment link on social network like WhatsApp & Facebook.

Receive Orders We will do the rest of the marketing for you. As soon as you receive an order, you will be notified instantly via email and notification.

Fulfill Your Order Accept order and start its fulfillment. Worried about logistics? Let us take care of that. You can ship your products anywhere in India, using our automated shipping solution.

Enjoy Payment For every successful order (and no returns/cancellation), the money will be directly sent to your e-wallet, which you can transfer anytime.

And That’s It! Yup, It’s That Easy!

Browse For Awesomeness We have over 6 lac products in 5500+ categories (yeah, you read it right). You can also check out our handpicked collections.

Click To Place Order In just a click, you can add product/s to your cart and proceed to checkout. Choose payment option, provide your shipping address and click on ‘Buy’

Know where your package is Track your shipment pathway directly on your Kraftly app. We will also notify you via email and SMS.

And the package is yours It takes approx 7-10 days to receive package. Some of you lucky fellows can even get them in 2-3 days. Once you receive the package, we would love to know how you like it.

P.S You can get Rs. 500 credits for FREE. Just sign up and free credits are all yours.

Life is short. Start chasing your own dream before somebody else hires you to build theirs.

With Kraftly, we help you create a beautiful pathway where you can earn by doing what you love the most. All you need is your smartphone. Just install KRAFTLY app, available for both iOS and Android users (so no iOS vs Android fights there ;)) and get set to turn your dream into reality.

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Yeah! You have just made your first step towards creating your online business.

First thing first! By micro shop, we do not mean you will get tiny-winy space in our platform. Rather, it will be full-fledged shop with your complete information. Yes, the buyer will know from where he/she is buying, giving you complete brand recognition.

So, after you have installed our app, you can start creating your micro shop. Believe us, it will hardly take 30 seconds, given that you are not working on 2G network. :P

Sign up as Seller

Once you download the app, you need to SIGN UP as Seller. Go to sell and simply sign up using your Facebook account or directly from email. In case you have already signed up, simply tap on SIGN IN.

Mobile Verification

To complete the sign up process, you need to VERIFY your mobile number you will receive an OTP. Simply enter that OTP in the screen and click on VERIFY.

Give YoUnique Effect

Let your buyers know more about it. Enter your shop name, give details about your shop, include your shop address and click on Save. Personalize your store by adding your logo, banners, contact information, etc. You can update this anytime you want.

Wallet Creation

You need to create a Citrus e-wallet through which all your payments would be settled. Enter a unique password to create your Citrus Wallet. You can withdraw money anytime by clicking on “Settle To Bank”

It’s time to make your grand debut on KRAFTLY. Get set to List Your First Item. Here’s how you can do it.

1) Go to Sell and click on Create Listing to start listing your products.

2) Upload your product images. You can click product images directly from your camera or choose from your mobile gallery.

3) Enter product details like name, description, attributes like color, size. Also, choose appropriate category.

4) After this, choose :

  1. Shipping details like fees (based on your product weight)
  2. Number of days in which you will ship the product
  3. Shipping charges will be borne by you or buyer.

5) Also, enter the product price and discounted price, if any. Click on ADD to complete the process.

So, you have created your micro shop, listed your beautiful products…great!! So, what's next? It's time for your first sale. And why not let your network become your first couple of buyers.

Introducing "Social Selling." For those who don't know, Social Selling is a powerful strategy that can help sell your products and win more customers. And Kraftly offers you the easiest way of selling your products socially. In just a tap, you can not only share your product details with images but a direct payment link via which your customers can buy your products in just a click. Yes, it is that easy!

To start social sharing and selling on Kraftly, follow these steps:

  1. Go to 'Sell' section on your app. In the bottom, you will find social icons. Click on any channel.
  2. In the next step, choose the product which you want to share/sell.
  3. In case you are using "Sell using WhatsApp, then choose the contact/s and click on "Sell"
  4. Your product will be shared with direct payment link.
  5. Similarly, you can share more products.

While other marketplaces do not encourage buyer-seller interaction, Kraftly has a special chat feature that gives our buyer a personalized shopping experience. This chat feature lets buyers to interact with sellers, gain more information about a particular product/s and ask for customization, if possible.

To use the chat feature, follow these steps:

  1. Once any buyer wants to chat with you, you will get a notification for the same.
  2. Tap on the notification to start chatting.

Order Receipt

On the ‘Sell’ section and click on MY SALES. Here, you can see all the pending orders. Click on any order which you want to ship.

Accept Order

Here, you can view complete order details along with buyer details. Click on ACCEPT ORDER to start order fulfillment.

P.S. Accept the order within 48 hours of order placement to avoid cancellation.

You can also cancel the order by clicking on CANCEL button at the bottom of the screen.

Select Shipping Method

After accepting the order, choose whether you want to ship with Kraftly or with your own courier company.

Ship With Kraftly

Shipment Creation

If you choose to ‘Ship with Kraftly’, the AWB number and courier company will be assigned for that order automatically.

Shipment Status Update

Kindly pack your parcel and hand it over to the courier company. Your shipment status will get updated automatically from SHIPPED to DELIVERED respectively and the same will be communicated to the customer as well

Ship Using Your Own Courier Company

Enter Details

  1. To ship with your own courier company, click on I’LL SHIP MYSELF.
  2. Input your AWB number, courier company name, invoice details and confirm your shipment by clicking on I HAVE SHIPPED IT. The same will be communicated to your customer by us.

P.S. In this case, you have to track your order and ensure delivery of order to the end customer.

We also offer you various management tools to manage your store effectively.
Go to your main shop to view the same.

Store Management Tool: My Sales

Click on MY SALES and view your orders to proceed with fulfillment.

Store Management Tools: My Listing


  1. You can view all the listed products on the ‘My Listing’ section on your ‘Main Shop’.
  2. Click on red (+) sign to add more products.
  3. To view/edit product details, simply tap on that product.


  1. Simply, tap on EDIT to change any product details. You can also deactivate that product, in case it is out of stock or not available, by tapping on Active toggle.
  2. You can also start selling on social channels by tapping on SELL.

Store Management Tool: View Store

Click on VIEW STORE to view how your store will look to your buyer.

Store Management Tool: Wallet

  1. If you haven’t yet created your wallet, first create your wallet by inputting your unique password.
  2. Once you receive an order, we will credit your wallet with the amount due to you 5 days after delivery of product to buyer(in case of prepaid order) and 15 days after delivery of product to you (in case of COD order).
  3. You can enter your bank account details and withdraw the same from your wallet.

Store Management Tool: Settings

  1. Click on SETTINGS in your main shop to update store level settings.
  2. You can define if COD is to be borne by you or the buyer.
  3. Input your VAT details
  4. Mention store level shipping days.
  5. You can link all social media channels here to update your shop information and display your brand presence on social media.


In case the buyer does not initiate return within 5 days of product delivery, then the payment will be settled in the following way:

  1. In case of prepaid order, the payment will be settled in 5 days after product delivery
  2. In case of COD order, the payment will be settled in 15 days after product delivery.
  3. The payment will be reflected in your Kraftly wallet, which can be transferred to your bank account.
  4. (scrnshots of bank account details + transfer)


If the buyer or the seller cancel the order before the product dispatch, due to any circumstances, then Kraftly will remit the complete money to the buyer (in case of prepaid order) within 48 hours of cancellation, in the original form of payment used to place the order.

In case of RETURNS

In case the buyer raises return request for the product within 5 days of delivery, then the seller will be notified about the same by Kraftly. This is applicable for both prepaid and COD orders.

In case you have shipped via Kraftly, then we will arrange a reverse pickup from buyers and get the same delivered to you. In case, you have shipped it yourself, then you have to arrange reverse pickup for the shipment.

After confirming the order receipt from you, we will initiate refund to buyers within 48 hours of delivery of returned shipment. Also, we will raise the invoice to you for Kraftly commission, Forward freight Cost and COD charges (if applicable). We will pay for Return Freight Cost.

In case of Non-Delivered Shipment after Dispatch

In case of RTO (Return to Origin) and shipped through Kraftly, we will track the shipment/s. Once it is delivered back to you, we will initiate refund to buyer within 48 hours. Also, we will raise invoice you, which will include Forward Freight Cost and COD charges, if applicable. We will bear the cost of Return Freight.

Yeah! So, here are the basics of “Selling on Kraftly.” Wondering what to do next? Let us help you out!

We have taken care of the “shopaholic” in you. You can shop from your fellow Kraftypreneurs. They have some amazing products.

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