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Diwali Diyas

Give that fabulous touch to your Diwali decorations and shop for a fantastic collection of uniquely crafted diyas, lightings, tea-lights and much more. Shop now and illuminate a joyous Diwali!

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The significance of Diwali diyas and lights

The story of these lights that is truly remarkable, goes right back to the times when Lord Rama, came back to his home from 14 years of exile. Marking the triumphant return villagers celebrated the event with joyful festivities, and rejoiced on his reuniting with firecrackers and lights. Even today, we mark this beautiful event as Diwali and decorate our homes and neighbourhood with positive lights of festivity. Diyas have a notable role to perform not just in the celebrations but also in the decorations. The puja places are adorned with rangoli, lights and flowers. Diyas bring in the remarkable effervescence of the fest. The diyas have travelled a long age, from being crafted in mud to metal, today you find the clay versions of it along with a variety of electric diyas, lanterns and lightings.

Diya is a little earthen utensil which is lighted particularly at the festival of Diwali. They're typically manufactured from clay with the addition of oil or ghee to light up and cotton and wool as the wick. This traditional form of lighting is centuries old, but still, carries a lot of significance. In the old times, when there was no electricity, people decorated their entire residences with diyas. In modern times, though the tradition prevails, electric lightings have taken up their place.

Shop for designer diyas and lights on Kraftly

Kraftly understands the importance of these lights during Diwali, and thus, have lined up some of the best items that you can bring home and gift to others as well! We all know that superbly designed diyas beckon focus of the purchasers. The diyas applied to the event of Diwali, reveals universal appeal and historical feeling which is spectacular and straightforward in theory. All through Diwali, you can find different varieties of Diwali diyas and lamps at offline and online stores.  Apart from the traditional ones you can always go for ceramic lamps, thalis with tealights, diyas with reflection and zari work in colors that are highly modern. Fantastically, creative diyas with aggressively cut sides, decroative tealights with astonishing designs embellished with tiny glossy gems and coated with colored polish that is vivid, can also be found.

There are various other forms of diyas and lights you can choose from. Diyas with mirror-work and zari decorated, traditional diyas with dried aromatic flowers, large diyas with 21 or 11 sprouts, diyas formed like carnations, miniature Parvati Ganesha lights and several additional layouts compete for attention. Crafted from clay, the diyas in bright hues of red, blue, yellow, silver and gold are also preferred when it comes to home decoration.

In each tale, narrative and fantasy of Diwali, the importance is on the triumph of good over evil; which can be reflected by these wonderful diyas, lamps and lightings brought to you by Kraftly. So, if you’re thinking of getting some attractive and pious lights for your home, browse through our collection and you’re likely to find one.

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