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Reveal out your passion for fashion by wearing exotically designed body jewelries. Give yourself an elegant edge with fabulous body jewelries and body piercing jewelries online. Adorn yourself by choosing from a wide range of jewelries for various parts of your body right from your head to toe.

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Body Chain

450 650 (31% Off)

By BT Retailers


379 699 (46% Off)

By S.A creation

Silver Body Chain

459 709 (35% Off)

By Street311

Roman Style Body Chain

479 729 (34% Off)

By Street311

Girls Golden belt(4pc)

375 1000 (63% Off)

By vibgyorway

Turquoise Arm Chain

479 729 (34% Off)

By Street311

Golden Lion Body Chain

599 849 (29% Off)

By Street311

Naval Belly Ring Stud.

1750 1899 (8% Off)

By ajeebthingsstore


499 583 (14% Off)

By Street Bonton


900 970 (7% Off)

By Street Bonton

Belly Naval Stud

1122 1230 (9% Off)

By ajeebthingsstore


Whether you prefer showing off your abs with navel piercings or a waist chain, it is much easier to choose the preferred type of jewelries online. Check out the edgier collection of body jewelries available at and make a style statement by pairing up with the right outfit. Before you buy body jewelry online, give consideration to every type of jewelries available in the market. And then choose the variety based on which part you want to adorn with. Apart from body and waist chains, you could also find body piercing jewelries available online including nose rings, ear plugs, labrets, navel ring, etc. These jewelries are available in diverse metals such as platinum, gold, brass, silver, and even in cheap metals such as plastic, glass, etc. also houses a massive collection of organic body jewelries for people with sensitive skin. Get ready to buy the right kind of body jewelries at reasonable prices at

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