Parties are a great way to meet family and friends. And why not! They give us an excuse to play our favourite game, “dress-up and flaunt”. Ladies love to go all out while dressing up for a party, so they can turn all heads their way. However, motherhood changes things and most of the focus shifts to the baby. Well, Mothers just love dressing up the apple of their eyes and drive all attention towards them. For moms, there’s nothing more satisfying than seeing their little ones in fancy party outfits, roaming around with those cute smiles. In fact, kids too love dressing up as much as their mom does. Interestingly, it also helps foster their imagination, socialization and emotional development. If you also want your little muffin to be in the limelight of every party, you might want to browse across these Top 7 Party Outfits for Kids, curated with LOVE. Take a look:- 

1. Cold Shoulder Top & Shorts @Rs. 1199

Your baby girl is going to look like an angel in this cold-shoulder yellow top, paired with white shorts. Once she steps out wearing this colour of joy, we bet that people won’t stop gushing over how beautiful she’s looking!

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2. Shirt & Pant Combo with Socks @Rs. 999

Wearing matching outfits with his son is every father’s dream and this pant-shirt combo can make it happen for you. Pick a white shirt, blue pant for your husband and get goin’ with the coolest dad-son duo at the party!

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3. Designer Beaded Work Top @Rs. 799

Here’s something for the next party your toddling princess is going to attend. Take a look at this elegant white top with a beaded collar and pair it with a cute coloured pant. Let the party get started!

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4. Three-Piece Set with Bow Tie @Rs. 1099

A three-piece set is perfect for a wedding celebration, your baby boy will look so handsome in this cute little ensemble. Get ready to hide him from all the ladies who’ll be swooning over his outfit.

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5. Black & White Check Strap Dress @Rs. 799

You don’t have to worry about choosing a dress for your baby girl the next time she has a school event to attend. This b&w checkered is a perfect outfit for her special outings without restricting her moments in any way.

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6. Dungaree Set for Boys @Rs. 999

That tough little guy is going to look tougher in this camouflage dungaree that comes along with a quirky t-shirt. Put on a pair of boots and he’s good to go. G.I. Joe in the making!

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7. Formal Waist Coat @Rs. 900

For all the formal wear-loving parents, this checkered waistcoat is an ideal pick for your prince. The beauty of this waistcoat is that it can be worn over a shirt or a t-shirt, according to the occasion.

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