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Like everyone else on this planet, I also prepared my set of New Year Resolutions, and one of them being “going Eco-Friendly” this year. Earlier, I never use to care about this concept as it wasn’t something that distressed me personally. However, I was aware of the global side effects of not going GREEN and using organic products. But now is the time take a step towards improving environmental conditions, as the alarming level of pollution is affecting our lives adversely. So let us all pledge to take the Ecological route this year and use products that are recyclable. Whether in their production or disposal, Eco-friendly products do not harm the environment at all, and that’s the best thing about using them! Thus bringing top 10 Environment-friendly picks for a greener lifestyle in 2018. Read on:-  

1. Khadi Jute Scarf—Look Every Inch Subtle:

Khadi love! Celebrate your love for India’s favourite fabric, the evergreen Khadi. Shop this super trendy Khadi Jute Scarf and make your closet feel elated with this fab pick.

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2. Handcrafted Earrings—For Bamboo Craft Lovers:

Ditch metal and go for this stunning pair of handcrafted earrings, inspired by Bamboo Craft. The off-white colour makes them even more appealing and desirable.

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3. Hand-painted Jewellery Box—The Vintage Wood Art:

This is art personified! Check out this amazing hand-painted peacock print wooden Jewellery Box. Be it the design, the material or finishing, everything is just perfect. Own this right away!

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4. Vintage Wall Clock—The JUTE Marvel:

Manufactured with Wood and Jute, this unique wall clock is definitely the first step towards going environment-friendly. Own this masterpiece and make it part of your decor kiosk.

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5. Stylish Jute Slippers—Time to Ditch Leather:

We all love wearing stylish Footwear, without caring about the amount of animal skin being used in this process. Now is the time to ditch other things and stick to Jute and other Eco-Friendly options.

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6. Tassel Necklace—Fall in love with Simplicity:

All you ladies out there! If you love stocking different type of neckpieces in your Jewellery box, this is something custom made for you. The gorgeous Jute Necklace! Buy now.

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7. Wooden Desk Organizer—Stay Organized in Style:

We don’t want your things to be lying here and there on your study table. Now is the time to clear the clutter in an Eco-Friendly way with this wooden suitcase shaped desk organizer. Buy now!

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8. Bamboo iPhone Case—Stay Ahead, Go Green:

If you are someone who loves to stay trendy and are concerned about the environmental issues at the same time, you will surely own this amazing Wooden Phone Case for your device.

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9. Wood Coasters—For An Eco-friendly Kitchen:

Looking for something as amazing and environment-friendly as this? Own these rustic wooden coasters and design an Ecological Kitchen.

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10. Jute Sling Bag—Make a Style Statement:

Bags are love! No way can we deny this fact. So why not opt for something eco-friendly! Own this lovely Jute sling bag and make a style statement that’s hard to forget!

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