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Indian crafts are known throughout the world for their artistic work and grandeur. The vast cultural tradition and ethnic diversity have enabled a variety of crafts with different materials, motifs and techniques to flourish in this land. Here we bring to you a selection of these timeless crafts.  Read More

Best Sellers

Explore the best of handicrafts and weaves, for you and your home, to add a touch of ethnicity to your lives.

Silver Trails

Grab these masterpieces of art that enhance the femininity of a woman: sparkling, elegant yet modern silver jewellery. These gorgeous pieces have been handcrafted by several artisans in and around India, taking consistent inspiration from Rajasthani and other Indian tribes. Complete your ensemble with contemporary designs, adding a unique charm to the personality of the wearer,

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Resplendent Bhagalpuri

Known as the queen of all fabrics, Bhagalpuri or Tussar silk is one of the most beautiful forms of silk, mostly seen in sarees. These yarns are weaved with silk threads of different colors which are reared from the Tussar cocoons. They are thus weaved into exotic and symbolic designs and motifs making a Bhagalpuri Saree vibrant in its texture and feel. Embark upon a journey with us and unveil the beauty of Bihar in all its glory with Bhagalpuri textiles.

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Tales in Terracotta

One of the most beautiful Indian artforms, Terracotta literally means baked earth and is made from natural clay, giving it a reddish-brown tinge. Explore our collection of vibrantly hued Terracotta jewels for you or add a little colour to your homes with lovingly handcrafted Terracotta artefacts.

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Beautiful Bandhani

Bandhani is a technique of tie and dye which is being practiced for centuries. The incredible art of Bandhani results in innumerable variations of symbols. Different colors are believed to convey different meanings, and patterns indicate the community the wearer belongs to.

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Opulent Kundan

Go golden this season with exquisite Kundan Jewels. The beautiful art of Kundan jewellery is known to stem from the ancient kingdoms of Rajasthan and Gujarat and consolidated its roots in the Mughal era during the 16th Century. Shop now for one of the most regal and mesmerizing art forms out there today.

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Vibrant Phulkari

Add another dimension to your festive wardrobe this year with our Phulkari collection, straight from the heart of Punjab. The literal meaning of Phulkari is Flower work, an embroidery of floral motifs in vibrant colours. Spun from the charkha this spectacular style of embroidery is patterned on odinis, shawals, kurtis and chunris. The interesting fact is that this style is stitched backwards on a hand-spun or naturally dyed cloth and the colour contrast add to its charm.

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Elegent Sarees

Gorgeous Jamdani

Indulge in the age-old traditions of Bangladesh with Jamdani Sarees.

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Tales of Kota

Get your hands on some enchanting Kota Doria sarees.

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Luxurious Maheshwari

Wear a symphony of silk and cotton with these Maheshwari Sarees.

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Ethnic Footwear

A Jutti Affair

Intricately handcrafted Juttis & Mojris to add another dimension to your ethnic style.

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Handcrafted Kolhapuris

Made in pure leather, Kolhapuris are a must have for urban & chic ensembles.

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Woven Classics

Combine your daily fashion with stunning Indian silhouettes.

Chanderi ethnic wear online at Kraftly

Charismatic Chanderi

Compliment your festive look with graceful and elegant Chanderi – a royal fabric that packs a punch of ethnic fashion and fervour. With each piece, it talks about the timeless era of charm and traditions. Handwoven by artisans in India, these creations are intricately embellished with zari and resham work, giving it a more royal and unique appeal. Play it traditional or add a modern touch to it, Chanderi will always fit both ethnic and contemporary fashion

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Dabu Prints clothins and accessories at Kraftly

Dabu Narratives

A beautiful form of block printing that originated in Rajasthan, Bagru reflects the beauty of handcrafted Indian textiles coupled with contemporary style. Inspired by textile crafts of Rajasthan, our handpicked range of Bagru printed kurtis, sarees, dupattas, jackets and pants are a must have for Indian traditional textile lovers. Handmade by the rich artisans of the Bagru region in Rajasthan, the floral butis with the organic colour and rich silhouettes will surely redefine your summer wardrobe.

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Lucknawi Chikan ethnic wear at Kraftly

A Chikankari Romance

The exquisite art of Chikankari is an old form of floral art embroidery, made with a detailed work of needle & thread. A gorgeous art form that has left several people captivated with its outstanding aesthetic appeal, this detailed white tracery on transparent fabric has charmed personalities such as kings and the general public, all alike.

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Kullu Shawls at Kraftly

The Kullu Legacy

Choose from a range of marvels from the Valley of the Gods!

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Banarasi apparel at Kraftly

Opulent Banarsi

Bring the timeless and evergreen beauty of Banaras in your wardrobe. Banarasi Silk is an excellent example of Indian artistry and has its roots seeped in the rich cultural history of India. Originally crafted exclusively for the royalty, each Banarasi sari was created from real gold and silver threads, taking as much as a year to make. Handwoven by skilled artisans and decorated with traditional motifs, it is perfect for weddings and gifts for loved ones.

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Tussar Silk Sarees at Kraftly

Tussar Trails

Explore from a gorgeous range of Tussar Sarees, collected exclusively for you.

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Handcrafted Jewellery

Enigmatic Meenakari

Meenakari is the art of ornamenting and enamelling metal surfaces, and decorating them with intricate designs. Every single piece of Meenakari is made with such skill, and passes through a chain of hands, that it is bound to leave each one of us in awe.

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Traditional Temple

Temple Jewellery is among one of India’s crafted treasures, with every piece as everlasting as can be. Originally made of the finest gold, and embedded with precious uncut gems. The exquisiteness and intricacy of Temple Jewellery is valued till date.

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Tribal Folklore

Inspired from the beautiful feisty spirited women who have traditionally worn jewels in and around the tribal regions of India. Pair them with both ethnic and contemporary ensembles to get that unique look. These rustic jewels are hand crafted by Indian artisans in bold designs with both threads and metals, paying homage to their tribal ancestors.

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Sparkling Coins

Give your jewellery collection a “wealthy” appeal with coin jewellery. It is one of the most creative, intricate and beautiful concepts designed. Today, we have umpteen items like necklaces, pendants, rings, earrings and much more crafted from coin jewellery. It is also a widely accepted form of gifting for auspicious events in India.

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Handcrafted Home Decor

A Metallic Affair

In India, maestry over mining & metal work has been around since the Indus Valley civilisation. Our ancestors used to make weapons from available metals and as availability and technology increased, so did the use of metals. Each region in India has developed its own special metal wielding technique and speciality. Here we bring to you a variety of these metallic art forms from all over the country to infuse your home with a little bit of metallic beauty.

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A Blue Symphony

Add a dash of vibrant colours and textures to your homes with Blue Pottery, a traditional craft hailing from Jaipur. Of Turko-Persian origin, the art of making blue pottery was utilized in making tiles for mosques, palaces and tombs across Asia but with the coming of the Mughals, this craft took off in India.

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Wooden Wonders

Wood carving in India has been around since ancient times, with ancient wood carved temples in Uttar Pradesh bearing witness to this. While sheesham is the most widely used type of wood, mango,walnut, deodar, ebony and sandalwood are also used. Artistic & architectural wood work began as a palace & temple craft and over time evolved to daily use artefacts. Let's rediscover the beauty of intricately designed wooden artefacts made by immensely talented artisans through this collection of handpicked wooden products.

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Curated Crafts

Add a touch of culture to your lives with handmade weaves, jewels and artefacts for you and your home.

Elegant Madhubani

Bring beautiful colours and symmetry to your life with Madhubani, which literally translates to forests of honey. It is a beautiful ancient art form, developed by the women of Mithila, an area in Bihar. Done with fingers, nibs, twigs & matchsticks, these women use natural dyes from local vegetation as colours for their paintings. Once used to decorate the walls of huts, today this art form has taken over our wardrobe, daily fashion and home décor in the most aesthetic way possible.

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A Bamboo Ballad

Celebrate nature and art with this contemporary collection inspired by bamboo shoots. Materials made by cane & bamboo are one of the oldest of men's creations, made by interlinking & weaving grass with grass. Bamboo is basically a type of plant found in China and north-east India. Being inexpensive and renewable, Bamboo is an amazing choice for those who love eco-friendly products.

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Captivating Kalamkari

An ancient Indian art that originated almost 3000 years ago, Kalamkari is basically derived from Kalam (pen) and kari (art). Handcrafted by artisans from Kalahasti, Tamil Nadu and Masulipatnam, Andhra Pradesh, Kalamkari is created with natural dyes, and is done with bamboo or date palm sticks instead of pens. Incorporate handpainted Kalamkari in your daily life with minimalist colour palettes to give your look a subtle & contemporary twist.

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Ikat Whispers

Get set to be allured by beautiful, handwoven Ikat fashion showcasing rich colors, traditional yet laborious techniques and details that make the outcome truly gorgeous. To make ikat, artisans use bindings such as knots to protect portions of the fabric during the dyeing process, which creates a desired pattern on the yarn. Get these pieces in beautiful hues on naturally dyed textiles that reveal the tales of handloom revival and celebrate the rich traditions of our country.

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India Handllom     Handloom Mark

The 'Indian Handloom Brand' Logo guarantees the purity and quality of the product. It proves the quality of the handloom products in terms of the overall process, beginning from the raw materials used in the making, to the end-product. This brand was launched by our honourable Prime Minister on the first ever National Handloom Day in 2015, and it authenticates that every product has gone through stringent testing to get this mark.

The 'Handloom Mark' was initiated in 2006 with the objective to provide assurance that the product is a genuine hand-woven product, and not a mill-made product. Now, that fake powerloom made products are sold everywhere, this logo verifies that the product is completely authentic.

Krafts of India: Revisiting the mesmerizing traditional crafts of India

It's time to indulge in the regality of hand crafted arts from artisans and master wearers from all over the country. Indian handicrafts are heritage pieces that are an indispensable part of our diverse culture. You can buy unique handicrafts online exclusively at Kraftly. We have handpicked the most celebrated art-forms and crafts of India especially for you. These handicraft products are unique and are 100% authentic. Kraft of India is an amazing way to take these artisans to a global platforms. Buy Indian art and crafts in every possible shape and form. From stunning apparels and accessories to vintage and intricate home decor products, explore a wide array of crafts of India blended with products to suit your needs. Choose from over 16 art-forms including Ikat, Kalamkari and Chanderi and show the world your artsy side. If you are a true art-lover you definitely will love this amazing paradise of Indian art and craft.

Handlooms to blow you away

Handlooms are an asset for lifetime. Not only it keeps your wardrobe elite but it is a timeless possession that never goes out of fashion. Breathtaking Banarasi Sarees and Phulkari Suits and other intricate handlooms to make you stand out of the crowd. Beautiful Chanderi Silk Duppattas and Sarees to give you a charismatic persona, that's a sure shot head turner. Bhagalpuri Sarees and Tussar Silk Sarees show your taste for regal crafts of India and it reflects grandeur and liveliness. Not only traditional attires, Krafts of India has a wide variety of contemporary outfits like palazzos, kurtis and jacket for a fusion of traditional with the modern day appeal. Buy classy handlooms and add interest and dimension to your wardrobe.

Jewels for life

Handicraft traditional jewellery is something every women should own. Choose an array of intricate jewellery direct from the master craftsmen from different part of the country. Buy handcrafted silver jewellery for women with a tribal touch and level up your bohemian look. Choose coin jewellery for a contemporary and modern appeal keeping the tradition alive. If you are looking for something chunky and boho to suit your personality, shop for Dhokra Jewellery. Also find exclusive handcrafted tribal jewellery and brought straight from the artisans of tribal region across India. Exclusive bamboo jewellery for an eye-grabbing appeal which makes these eye grabbing.

Footwear to die for

Huge collection of handcrafted footwear to complement each of your attire. Buy opulent juttis for weddings and functions and double the elegance of your attire. These Juttis give you a perfect party look and they look really amazing and suit everyone. Buy authentic Kohlapuri Chappals to level up your daily casual wear. They look good with almost anything. From denim to a perfect handloom Saree, these are really versatile and completes all your looks.

Fine crafted home decor

Bring in the magic of unique Indian handicraft with wood home decor items. Give your home an artistic appeal with Dhokra showpieces. Explore a wide range of bamboo artifacts and products for your home, direct from Assam. Unique lamps and vases made out of intricate bamboo weave. Some of these amazing art-forms are rare to find. Madhubani paintings are always an elite piece in your house, choose amazing Kitchen essentials crafted in the Madhubani style for a contemporary yet artsy touch. We have curated some amazing tribal inspired products that will give your home tasteful and classy appeal.

Accessories with an Indian ethnic touch

Adding accessories in your look makes you look more stylish and well put together. Shop for amazing Indian Handicraft accessories and elevate your look instantly. Explore a wide array of scarves and stoles to give you more stylish and fashion forward look. Phulkari duppatas have a heritage value to them they are transferred from one family to other. Carry forward this tradition by wearing these amazing duppattas and stole to complete your ethnic closet.

Krafts of India is an initiative to uplift artisans and weavers from all over the country. We believe that they are the true heroes who are still keeping the Indian Handicrafts alive. Not only that we also provide the buyers to Shop fantastic crafts and art from our unique and handpicked collection. With this amazing initiative shopping for handicraft is now a different dimension altogether. It is more accessible, contemporary and modernized to suit your needs. So stop sweating yourself to find authentic crafts and make them a part of your life. Indian handicrafts are a lifetime possession and they will stay with you forever. From handloom to fun accessories buy unique and famous crafts of India just with a click.

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