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Sipping on the hot brewing coffee, reading your favourite book, and sitting by the window side? Wow, sounds so relaxing! But when do you enjoy all these things the most? For me, it’s the Monsoon. And I am sure it is your beloved season too. Be it the cool breeze, the earthy scents, greener trees or pakoras with chai, rains make you rejoice anything and everything in life. However, there’s a flip side of this beautiful season. The real struggle starts when you have to leave your comfy couch and rush to your workplace/gym/school. You can’t help but deal with those mud pools, frizzy hair, drenched clothes and what not! All these things can literally spoil your day and make you hate this lovely romantic season. But hold on, we want you to stay in love with Monsoons forever. And for that, we’ve curated these 10 Monsoon Essentials to help you enjoy this weather uninterruptedly. Read on and make these essentials a part of your closet right away:  

1. Cool Waterproof Backpack:

Want to safeguard your stuff while travelling in Monsoons? Well, this amazing Waterproof Backpack will always be at your rescue. Grab it now!

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2. Men’s Analog Watch:

Timeless possessions! This Monsoon, own this stylish Black Waterproof Watch and don’t let the rain ruin your professional attire. Go get it now!

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3. Trendy Lunch Bag:

Now you can relish the home cooked food every day, even when it’s raining outside! All thanks to this sturdy and waterproof Lunch carry bag.

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4. Pretty Sling Bag:

Because rains can’t stop the fashionista inside you from getting dolled up every day! Just carry this cute waterproof Sling Bag whenever you step out for your next Monsoon outing.

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5. Waterproof Mobile Cover:

What’s life without phones? Difficult to imagine, right? But worry not! Just add this Waterproof Mobile cover to your Monsoon shopping list and you’re good to go.

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6. Cool Makeup Bag:

I don’t care about my Makeup essentials, said no woman ever! So just grab this Waterproof Makeup Bag right away and you’re sorted for rest of the season.

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7. Comfy Women’s Shorts:

You wouldn’t want to ruin your favourite bottoms due to rains, right? So how about stepping out in hot denim shorts? Ahh, great! Isn’t it?

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8. Quirky Flip Flops:

Truly, these Rubber Flip Flops are the only cure to all your problems that you face during Monsoon. Just try them on and enjoy the weather like never before.

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9. Casual Men’s Shorts:

Want to enjoy the rains but still confused what to wear? Well, don’t think much and try these Cool Shorts to enjoy your favourite season to the fullest.

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10. Cute Yellow Umbrella:

Off course, your Monsoon closet is incomplete without an Umbrella! You have to own this Monsoon must have to get rid of the real struggle.

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Happy Rains, everyone!
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