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Bad skin days getting you down? Well, winter is here and so is your dry and flaking skin. It's time that you pull out the best body oil - they are better than any moisturizer. Though moisturizers claim to have their own special powers but we know oil is always a better option. Right? While the benefits of Almond, Apricot and other oils have been admired for years, some of us are still unaware! Let's take you through their magical powers. Did you know that these oils don't just brighten the complexion but also fade away dark circles, fine lines, help get rid of pigmentation and so much more. Get ready to pamper your skin with the best beauties at Kraftly. Check out Top 5 Oils that can do wonders for your skin and restore your beauty with these! 

1. Almond Oil-

Remember your mother running behind you with a few soaked almonds claiming it would make you a genius? Apart from enhancing your memory, almond reduces dark circles, delays ageing & treats dry lips.

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2. Apricot Oil-

This is a staple you must own for your vanity kit. It possesses great benefits that will make your skin glow! Meant to heal damaged skin, maintain skin elasticity, remove blackheads & so much more.

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3. Avocado Oil-

Cooking healthy meals with Avocado oil is something a lot of us prefer. Ever considered using the fruit to heal or soothe your skin? Say goodbye to itchy & chapped skin. Also, use this oil as a shield from ultraviolet radiation.

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4. Jojoba Oil-

Being the superfood for skin, Jojoba Oil lives up to the hype. Penetrating into the skin without leaving a greasy feeling is not what every oil can do! Also, it is non-allergic & contains almost all the vitamins & minerals required.

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5. Basil Oil-

'Basil' or ‘Tulsi’ is a sacred plant in India and a perfect solution to prevent blackheads and whiteheads outburst, treat acne, skin diseases, heal ringworm infection and treat burns and wounds. Skin irritations? No more!

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