Mumma Mera wallet Kahan hai, meri jeans kahan hai, mujhe bhookh lagi hai. Phew! What would I do without you, Mom? Every Mom that I know, including mine, is a perfect blend of love, affection, care, craziness, sanity, insanity calmness and don't know how many other traits. She is the one who’s always on point, the one who can defy logic like a boss and yes, don’t you dare think of getting into arguments with her. Because my dear, you are surely going to lose. But the good part is, Moms are someone who always keep you grounded and closer to your real self. No matter how much you’ve achieved in your professional life, you’ll always remain a five year old for her. You leave your dish unwashed or your bedsheet messy, she will make sure that you take a U-turn and clear the clutter right away. And trust me, she can make you do all this with a simple age old dialogue “aane de papa ko, khair nahi tumhari”. Because It is enough to scare the hell out of you. Well, now that I am all grown up and Mom's quite kind to me, I so miss her epic one-liners. How about reminiscing all those dialogues again this Mother’s day? Great, right? So just scroll down, take a look and laugh out loud as you read on these 10 dialogues (out of many others) which are every Mother’s Copyright: 

1. "Sharma ji ke ladki ko dekha hai kya? Wo ghar ke saare kaam karati hai."

2. "Ye teri DP mein ladka kaun hai?"

3. "Ghar ko PG bana ke rakha hai."

4. "Teri umar mein main pura ghar sambhaal lia karti thi."

5. "Sabki Shaadi ho rahi hai siwaye tere."

6. "Tu Fir Tiffin office mein bhul aya?"

7. "Kaamwaali samajh ke rakha hai mujhe?"

8. "Wo socks wahin rakhi hai. Agar mujhe mil gai to tujhe chodungi nahi."

9. "Shave karle. Janwar lagra hai."

10. "Kyu ladh rhe ho Kutte Billi ki tarah?"

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