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Shorts for Men

A comfortable wear during sleazy summer, shorts for men is ideal for any casual outing. Whether your chilling at home, by the pool, at a beach or strolling the local park, men's shorts are ideal to let you stay cool and casual. Buy latest trendy shorts from our wide range of collection like cargo shorts, denim shorts, swimming shorts, sports shorts for men and a lot more, only on Kraftly. Shop now!

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Shorts are becoming ever more fashionable these days with an increasing range of style to choose from. Today, you can find shorts for men of all colours and patterns that matches well with your t-shirts and shirts. At’s exclusive collection, you can find shorts for all occasion. Whether you’re chilling at home or at a beach, or going out for a movie with friends or just playing your sport, these shorts for men are best suited for every occasion.

Wide range of men’s shorts styles

This collection consists of various shorts styles that you can wear on any hot day. The diverse collections of cargo shorts, Bermuda shorts, men’s athletic shorts, military cargo shorts, khaki cargo shorts and long contrast stitch shorts. For those that do not know, Bermuda shorts are knee length short trousers that were adopted from Bermuda where they would wear knee length socks and a blazer with the shorts for business and cocktail parties. With Bermuda, these shorts are worn for more casual occasions. Men’s cargo shorts are a great hit. These are usually knee length; that are khaki styled with cargo pockets making them ideal to wear in the summer.

Shorts are ideal because they match rather well with most clothing. T-shirts are highly recommended especially during the summer period as this is the most effective way of staying cool. However, sweaters and knitwear also go extremely well, proving that shorts are extremely versatile. It is important to expose some flesh appropriately in the piercing heat of summer - one more appropriate than the exposing of the leg when wearing shorts. The exposed flesh dispenses the body heat; meaning that the body can stay cool even in extreme heat. Just remember to apply sun lotion to the exposed skin

Style yourself with cool shorts for men

In terms of how to wear them, the rules are really quite simple. Casual shorts should be worn with casual items, not a long-sleeved shirt, for example. Smarter, tailored shorts, on the other hand really suit slim fitting shirts. In fact, if worn correctly tailored shorts are even ideal for wearing to work on hot summer days. Colours also obviously prove to be a problem for many short-wearers. The majority of British men have extremely pale, white legs, due to the fact that they are only exposed to the sun for, at the most, a couple of weeks a year. If you're one of these men, its best choose bright colours or patterned Hawaiian style shorts as these will only add to the problem. It's recommended that you opt for more neutral, block shades like navy or beige.

In relation to footwear, it's usually the older men who make the sandals and socks mistake. Not only does it look awful and add a good ten years on to whatever age you are, it leads to uncomfortably warm feet in the summer time. Flip flops are great for a walk along the beach or lazing at a barbeque, but not for much else. If you're heading out shopping or a walk in a park, opt for the sandals.

For the younger man, board shorts have been and remained a huge fashion trend for many years now. The surfing style beachwear is designed to be quick drying and has been adapted for use in various water sports. Recently, they have also become a popular beachwear item for women too.

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