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Potpourris are best to offer the air inside the home a pleasant smell. Potpourri is a mixture of spices, dried flowers, herbs and fragrant oils that can generate long lasting fragrances. Potpourri can be placed inside the room to spread aroma.



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Your home décor is not complete without scented home fragrances to be pleasing to the whole room. Apart from the major purpose of spreading aroma, potpourri can also be utilized as room decorative element by keeping them in handcrafted pots and glass container. Most of the contemporary interior designing suggest using potpourri bowls to be placed at drawing rooms and foyers to invite guests with an appealing aroma and to serve as a wonderful decorative item as well. The naturally fragrant ingredients present in majority of potpourris include all types of spices, cedar wood shavings, rose petals, lavender flowers and jasmine, various blooms and their oils and lemon peels. Kraftly.com offers different type of potpourris either in sachets or arranged in carved wooden boxes, crystal vases and ceramic dishes to improve the visual look of your interiors. An attractive and clean smell is what differentiates a really elegant home, thus ensure you choose the suitable perfume to scent up your home and make it a tranquil and sophisticated abode.

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