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Our sports and games section features a good collection of good replicas of sports figures and books. You can choose from your favourite football stars and bring them close to you. These are collectibles, something you will cherish for a long time to come. Also available are books that you can use to enhance your general curiousity of sports and enrich yourself with the knowledge.



Only 1 unit left in stock



Only 1 unit left in stock


Kraftly has a collection of good quality replica figures of international football stars in their authentic team colours and logos. These are collectible items which you will cherish for a long time. These are very good quality realistic international football miniatures which are a must have for football fans. These are highly sought after pocket-sized football figures, desired by every football fan. There are players very team colours of famous football clubs and country teams, which you can add to your collection. They are made of high-grade plastic and are very durable. They are made of completely non-toxic material and are very safe to be used by kids as well as adults. There are also sports related books available which you can use to add to your knowledge related to sports. We also have listed tournament guides to help you know the tournament schedules, teams, players, and enjoy the tournament in a much better way. This is a must buy for all sports aficionado anywhere. We provide fast shipping to all parts of the country, covering even the remotest parts with quick and reliable shipping.

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