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Convert Your Shop Visitors to Customers!

posted by Pallavi Siddhanta March 23, 2017 0 comments

The success of your shop on Kraftly depends on how well your product catalog is written. Well written product listings have the power to change the amount of views and orders to your shop drastically, converting those hard earned shop visitors to your transacting customers.

We’re going to illustrate a few handy tips and tricks that you can use while adding new products, to optimize your listings for search and category pages on Kraftly, and also well-converting:

1. Title Your Products Well


The product title, is the most important factor we use while ranking your products on Kraftly when a customer is searching for products in a category or sub-category. Product names should give customers the information which they are most likely to be searching for.

A good product title is one of the most important influencers of how visible your product is on Kraftly! The ranking of products is done based on the keywords it has in the title. Well-written product titles are easily searchable on the Kraftly marketplace and should have the following properties:

For example: Men’s Synthetic Round Neck Black T-shirt ( Pack of 2)

Points to note –

  1.                   Material: Synthetic
  2.                   Who is your target audience? The example here is catering to menswear
  3.                   The category it belongs to: Men’s T-shirt
  4.                   Product type/key property: Round neck
  5.                    Color: Black
  6.                   Package/ quantity : Pack of 2


2. Write a detailed description

Descriptions help customers understand your product better. If you’re using a model to display your products, you can describe the product mapping the attributes to the model. This is true when your products are clothes or fashion accessories. For example, you can write the height of the model to explain the height of the skirt better to your customers.

Information provided in the product description and bullet points is searchable by customers. The product description and bullet points help customers learn key details about your product. These sections should include product-related information in a clear and concise manner.

For example :

  • 100% Polyester
  • Casual Wear
  • Crew neck with short sleeve and regular fit
  • Speedwick technology wicks away moisture, thereby, helping one stay
  • Machine wash
  • Made in India
  • The package contains 2 T-shirts

3. Select the Right Category for Your Products


Categories define the way your products are arranged and organized in the Kraftly database. Choosing the correct category for your products is the first step you take towards effectively listing a product on Kraftly.

4. Show Up in New Arrivals

New-products_carousel (1)

The easiest way to get seen on the top of category and search pages is to keep adding new products to your shop which show up in “New Arrivals” for a specific duration.

A rock-solid product listing goes a long way in making your products SEO friendly as well as searchable on Kraftly. Imagine being the first result that shows to your customers when he searches for the product he wants.

5. Maintain a High Shop Rating


Shop ratings feed into Kraftly’s search algorithm. Products from highly rated shops are placed higher up on category and search pages on the Kraftly platform.

6. Maintain Good Order Fulfillment Rates


Products of sellers who accept and ship orders on time rank higher on search than of those who delay order processing. Accept and fulfill your shop’s orders to make sure that your products are ranked high on search.

6. Keep Adding Products

And lastly, products of shops who add products regularly are placed higher on search. Customers also want to look at fresh products every time they visit the platform. Our algorithms encourage sellers to keep refreshing their shops  so that buyers can see fresh stocks on Kraftly every time they come to shop with us. Add products to your shop in order to keep a steady inflow of orders to your shop.

Add Products

Use these product hygiene tips and tricks in order to sell big on Kraftly. Happy merchandising!

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