The Wedding Chaos While #ModiFightsCorruption

posted by Arushi Singh November 9, 2016 0 comments

Remember Remember the 8th of November! While we sat here peacefully tucked in our homes and waited for the American election to go up in flames, little did we know that our country was getting MODIfied in the shadows. As America was braving the Trump horror staring it in the face, our PM Modi pulled out a TRUMP card on our unsuspecting corrupt souls. That’s right!! If you could see the situation in India last night, then you would know the wave of panic that swept across the country when PM Modi announced an immediate ban on our currency denominations of Rs.500 and Rs.1000.

Following the new ban, the people of the country had mixed feelings about this swift move to combat corruption. While this was done in the interest of the country, the people getting married and holding onto large sums of *cough* black money for the big day, have found themselves in a sticky situation. Imagine the horror, when this incredible step is taken bang in the middle of the Wedding Season. Yes, things go wrong in weddings all the time, and barely ever go as planned, but, THIS? No one saw this coming. Everybody is going through major Wedding Chaos. Here are 6 thoughts every panicking to-be-weds are having right now.

HELP! I am Lost!!

The wedding preparations are in full swing one moment, and the next you lose the venue you booked. Nobody wants cash anymore, and you have already paid a bit in advance. The venue address is on all the wedding cards, and you don’t know what to do anymore. If only that bag full of 1000 and 500 was still money rather than paper, and you could have a decent wedding venue.


Please Don’t Kill My Vibe!

Every person wants their wedding day to be perfect. The one day (apart from our birthdays) we expect unhindered attention, is our wedding day! But some unfortunate souls lost their thunder to Modi Ji’s dhamaka! Why you do this?!


Is This A Joke?!

What’s worse than losing your wedding day thunder to someone else? Giving up on all your gifts, and in this case – the cash. Be it the cash garlands, or your ‘Shagan’ envelopes. A moment of silence to the newly-weds’  who are sitting with a pile of 1000 and 500 rupee notes, and nothing to do with them. Forget every other Wedding Chaos, but we love our gifts and Shagan envelopes. Now what?!


I Struck Gold!

While a majority of the people are freaking out about this situation, some people are rejoicing over buying all the wedding jewellery before the gold prices shoot up. Well there it is – your gold lining on the dark cloud looming over you. Something to be glad about at least!


There Goes My Wedding Night!

Amidst all the panic and confusion, the grooms have been served a lot more than they expected on their plates. For some, the wedding night has turned into a constant state of disaster management. We feel you people!


Honeymoon Postponed?!

The thing most couples look forward to after the wedding is an exotic honeymoon in a far land away from the world. Least to say, the new change has put quite a bit of damper on most of the wedding plans for some couples.


Think it’s time to leave things in the hand of online transactions for good. Brace yourself because some major Wedding Chaos is coming. What are your thoughts on the ban? leave a comment!

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