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Valentine Day: Situations You Don’t Want To Be In

posted by kraftly February 14, 2016 0 comments
Valentine Day

Valentine Day is the perfect time for you to go the extra mile for your beau. But having the perfect Valentine Day shouldn’t be a stressful affair for either of you–a great Valentine’s Day must be romantic yet simple!

If you want to plan a special day but are flat out of ideas–just try and look at it differently. Valentine Day is just like any other day, except that you’re going to take it as an opportunity to show your love so that you adore and cherish them.

If you’re perplexed and have no plans for Valentine’s Day, let us help you with those situations you should avoid at all costs if you want a fun-filled Valentine’s Day with no awkward over-the-top moments. Here’s what not to be:

Valentine Day 1

The Single Restless Guy

One man’s nightmare is another man’s dream – you might think (especially on this day) that being single is hazardous to your mental well-being, but ask someone who has been in a relationship for a long time and you might just have a lot of news coming your way!

Being single isn’t that bad – and it certainly doesn’t mean you need to lock yourself in your room till Valentine’s Day is done and over with (more importantly, neither does it mean that you need to find a date really soon!). When your friend tells you about his or her V-Day plans, don’t get awkward-out, just sit back and relax – and if possible, help them smoothen out their plans too!

Valentine Day 5

The Meticulous Planner

There’s nothing wrong with planning it right to the last detail – just make sure you don’t overdo it and get caught up in your own trap. No matter how well you plan, if you can’t execute it just as well, it wasn’t worth the effort, right? So only bite what you can chew and you’ll do just fine.

Valentine Day 3

Somebody Who Suddenly Gets a Date

Okay, the truth is – this isn’t that bad a category to be in ahead of Valentine’s Day. If your dream date just accepted your proposal, there is no reason for you to fret about or worry – just take it step-by-step and make the best of it!

Valentine Day 4

Somebody Who Never Gets a Date

If you take more time to get a date than what it takes you to get a college degree, it’s time you stop reading this article and go out for a walk. Like, right now!

Valentine Day 7

The Young Couple With No Place to Go

Teenagers don’t usually have the luxury of planning elaborate dates – but that’s fine, even the smallest and simplest of ideas can work wonders for you as long as you don’t go overboard.

Valentine Day 8

The Bad Element

Don’t get drunk before your Valentine’s date. Not during. Not After. Okay, maybe a little, but stay in your senses if you want to have a good and memorable time. More importantly, don’t get caught eating noodles on the side of the road – unless you don’t mind getting picked up and locked away by the moral police!

The One Who Believes in Each And Every Day of the Valentine’s Week

Wait, there’s something called a Valentine’s Week? Rose, hugs, chocolates and all – if you’re going with all the latest fads, might as well take two of each, right?

Valentine Day 9

The One Who Doesn’t Believe in Valentine’s Day

If you think there is no such thing as Valentine’s Day – and that it’s completely made up – you’re probably right. But even Diwali, Christmas and Republic Day are all made up, right? I guess not.

Instead of being cynical, start early and try and be the creative with your planning for Valentine’s Day – by creative we mean sweet and pleasant, not nasty. No need to be unreal, just be original.

Valentine Day 2

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