6 Types of People you meet every Diwali!

posted by Radhika Chugh September 28, 2017 0 comments

Just as Diwali is approaching, our excitement is going out of bounds as usual. Cleaning the house from every corner, going absolutely crazy with decorations, throwing awesome card parties that last all night long, and what not. At the same time, the winters are also approaching. Diwali has always had a deep attachment with our Indian hearts. It’s the time you meet every relative possible. It’s a bittersweet feeling really because although you love some of these relatives, you are downright annoyed by the others. Here’s a list of the types of people you meet every Diwali

1. The One who’s Perplexed By Age

Beta, Kitne Bade Ho Gaye Ho?!” – Irrespective of whether you are meeting this relative after a decade or a week, this is always their go-to line. Moreover, isn’t it funny that there is actually no answer to this question whatsoever? Good small talk really.


2. The Wedding Enthusiast

As you near your youth, these relatives start visualising your wedding. Shaadi ka kuch socha hai?” becomes a normal line. All you need to do is nod your head and keep that smile on.


3. The Bet-It-All

Chal Taash Khelte Hain!” is what you almost always hear them say around Diwali. They bluff at pathetic cards and win the whole game. These players know every variation or tactic and can shuffle like pros. I personally love these people.

4. The Festive Alcoholics

You will barely ever see them without a drink in their hand. They celebrate the festivities with their favourite poison and are super thrilled about the whole facade. They are perpetually happy no matter what and are the life of the party.

5. The Party Hopper

This person misses no party. They traverse from party to party and meet everybody. They have selfies in everybody’s house and are complete party fanatics. I wonder how they manage, though.

6. The Patakha Squad

No matter how much you want your Diwali to be environment-friendly, you will always come across this gang of kids (And unfortunately grown-ups) who stock up with firecrackers every year. However much I want these people to just leave the mother Earth alone, you almost always have someone around you with their own bomb squad.

Obviously, that’s not the end of the list. With the number of people we end up meeting every Diwali and distributing gifts, I am absolutely sure everybody you will have more types of people in mind. Go on. Comment with what types of people you meet every Diwali. Looking forward.

Also, Happy Diwali!

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