6 Types of People You Meet At Every Diwali Card Party!

posted by Radhika Chugh October 4, 2017 0 comments
diwali card party

The cards, the variations, the betting, the alcohol, the chips and the chakna – Yes! It’s that time of the year again. One time when you can wager away your monthly allowance in optimism and the spirit of Diwali and nobody will judge you. Now invitations of Card Parties are lining up, and we are ready for exhausting yet exhilarating few days of betting in good spirit. Every such party (or every card table) has various people with different takes on playing, and surprisingly all of you all will definitely know who I am talking about in the next few categories of people you meet at every Diwali Card Party. So, here we go.

1. The One With The Beginners Luck

This person obviously doesn’t know jack about playing cards (Get it? Jack! Anyway). They are at the Diwali Card Party for living up to the social obligation or maybe the alcohol. But they are excited about learning. Now despite them not knowing anything about this game, and playing it for the very first time, these people will end up owning everybody’s ass at the end of the game.


2. The Shuffling Expert

This person has probably stayed in a casino for a majority of his life. They shuffle like a boss. “Everyday I’m shuffling” sorts. Not only that, they know pretty much every card game and are a walking-talking guidebook at every Diwali Card Party. They know all the amazing variations, and all the hacks to winning a game.


3.The Vicious Superstitious

This is the person who is very particular about everything. They wear their lucky garment, whatever it might be. They either have a lucky colour or a lucky person and consider it to impossible to win without their lucky charm. They can get very annoying. It’s pretty much like an Obsessive Compulsive Superstitious Disorder.

4. The Google-er

This guy would not believe anything in general if you tell him a fact. He would ALWAYS re-check it over the internet. He has his own set of beliefs when it comes to playing Teen Patti, and he would never believe you are right until Google says so. It takes him a second to whip out his phone and google everything. (I am this person).

5. The one with Blind on his Mind

This is one type of person I just never understand. Irrespective of what variety, or what game we are playing, this person will always go for a ‘blind’. They have so much confidence in their cards, without even seeing them, that it intimidates everybody on the table. Call it show off, or blind belief, it just scares me a little sometimes. I understand bluffing, but bluffing without even seeing the cards takes it to another level altogether.

6. The Diwali Card Party Lover

This person loves everything about Diwali. Especially the Card Party bit of it. They cannot contain their excitement when it comes to Card Parties or Teen Patti. They force the other people to buy more chips, or wager more and continue playing, because hey, it’s Diwali.


This was our list of types of people we often meet at a Diwali Card Party. Which one of these are you? Do write to me in the comments section below!

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