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Types Of Palazzos and Style Tips On How To Wear Palazzo Pants

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Palazzo pants are long women trousers that flare out evenly from the waist to the ankle. Palazzo Pants which are not to be confused with bellbottoms or the Gaucho trousers first became a popular trend around late 1960’s and the early 1970’s. And since then it has resurfaced again and again, and this time it is taking the fashion world by storm. From designers to stylists to fashion bloggers to street style, every single person is caught by the Palazzo frenzy. Palazzo’s are every woman’s saving grace during summers and a safe heaven for layering lovers on colder days. If you want to look good yet you don’t want to compromise on the comfort, then palazzo pants are just the thing for you. Something that comes with both comfortability and stylish factor. You might just have found answers to your summer wardrobe dilemma.

When do wear palazzo pant?

Well, Palazzo pants are suited for the warmer season till the beginning of Winters. But I have seen people layering it warmly and in chic ways, in the middle of winter. Palazzo pants can be worn for all occasions provided you know your type and to style it as per the occasions. Knowing how to dress for each occasion is a must these days! From Workwear to a smart casual look, street style outfits to formal meeting wear, ethnic ceremony attires to party outings, Palazzos can be styled elegantly for all occasions. Palazzo trousers give the versatility to experiment with different types, so there is something to take for every body type and fusion lovers. Palazzo Pants are particularly sought for plus size women fashion because it gives them leaner and comfortable look. Also, people with long legs gets an added advantage.

Types of Palazzo pants and How To Wear It!

Straight cut or the regular palazzo pant

If you don’t know the basic, then you probably don’t know anything. Straight cut or the regular Palazzo are those that comes with typical flare, the simplest yet the most worn given that it comes in near neutral colours. While palazzos might not be short girl’s best friend, it is safe to say that straight cut palazzos complement everyone as it has less flare. It comes mostly in linen, cotton and viscose.

How to wear it

Try wearing it with straight cut Kurtis and classic kholapuri or heels. Tug your regular T-shirt, top or a tie-front shirt with a sneaker, and you’re good to roll.

Pleated palazzos

Looks much like a skirt because of the pleats and wide flared, pleated palazzo doesn’t risk the comfortability factor but might enhance your look to the next level when paired with the right top and accessories. Pleated Palazzo showcases pleats in the most elegant way and comes out excellently in georgette and crepe.

How to wear it

Club this pleated palazzos with side, slit A-line Kurtis or a shirt Kurti with matching earrings. Or, wear a halterneck bodycon crop top that ends slightly above your navel. You can also flash one shoulder flared top or an off shoulder alongside bellies and heels. I have even seen a lot of celebrities, and fashion bloggers are adorning waist belt with pleated palazzos.

Trouser style palazzos

As the name suggest, trouser Palazzo has a firmer structure like that of a traditional trouser but with a little flare. While most of the palazzos normally have elastic around its waist, a trouser style palazzo has buttons instead, for a better fit. Trouser palazzos are what we may call a full package, it is comfortable, stylish and looks professional. Given this attribute, purchase one of this palazzo in fine cotton or melange. Who said office attire should be dull and monochromatic? Add just the right colour of shirt.

How to wear it

Keep your trouser palazzo look simple and chic, try a softly printed tunic and a classic oxford footwear. Maintain the trouser high waisted, and then you can tug in absolutely anything from those flowy georgette and chiffon top to a soft satin shirt. And pull out all those cherry red heels, peep toes and mules, carry medium height heels to enhance your look.

Flared palazzos

Flared palazzos are regular palazzo pants but are extremely wide waist down, loose and flowy. These palazzos come flaunting in cotton, crepe, georgette and even in denim. Flared palazzos are the epitome of comfortable clothing, and one can never look bad in it. Statutory warning: Flared palazzos might not be the thing for people with short height.

How to wear it

If you’re medium to tall height, then you can pair a long Kurti for an ethnic look. You can wear both the Kurti and palazzo in prints if you want to experiment, ikkat and subtle prints might work well. Otherwise, you can always wear a front-tie tee or a tank top. For a more boho and hippie look, club a bralette and denim. Tug a classic turtleneck white shirt, and you can nail those presentations.

Layered palazzos

Layered palazzos look like rose petals gently unfolding itself. It also struck me with the thought of a dhoti in the form of a pant structure. Excuse my sultry imagination, but let’s accept that these palazzos look super stylish and one doesn’t have to put extra effort in styling it. It may have one or two layers, and the length might end at your ankle, unlike your other palazzos. Have you tried it out yet?

How to wear it

Since the Palazzo is already a stylish piece, try a simple Nehru collar shirt or a bodycon halterneck top for a more sophisticated semi-formal look. Or else, try a simple halterneck top or a crop top, put on your sunglasses with bold makeup and away you go!


Culottes are typically knee or calf length and have the structure to resemble a skirt. They might be confused with a skirt, but they are pants. Culottes can also be confused with gaucho trousers. But are there seriously any difference? They are available in comfortable fabric like cotton, linen, crepe, denim and khadi. Nothing beats the comfortability of culottes, and you can go crazy while styling it, beat that versatility as well!

How to wear it

Culottes are the most versatile among all the palazzos. Wear it with a subtle colour shirt, statement neckpiece and the perfect stilettos.
Tug a classic tee or club a crop top with suede, leather or denim jacket and put on those sneakers for an ass-kicking look. Set in your layering mood by wearing overcoats on top of oversized high necks or sweatshirts and boots. Clutch to sling, carry it all!

Slit palazzos

Side-slit palazzos come with regular flares or wide flares but with slits on the front side or the sides. The slits can vary from your calf and knee till the thigh. They are available is soft viscose, chiffon, georgette and free flowing crepe. You can show your toned legs while wearing these hot palazzos!

How to wear it

Slit palazzos look stunning when worn with ethnic wear, try long flowy Kurtis that has high side or centre slits. You can also club a classic white or black tee, statement accessories and a sneaker or gladiator.

Palazzo suits

These are regular salwar with palazzo pants, while the flare of the pant might range from normal to wide but these are must haves in your wardrobe. Why buy regular salwar suits when Palazzo suits are in vogue. Well, not cause it’s in trend but for its comfortability and the fact that it gives you more options regarding styling. You’d be a fool if you miss this out this summer. Try the light cotton, subtle print and embroidery ones.

How to wear it

Pair these suits with matching scarfs and dupattas and comfortable juttis and kholapuris. Add tribal and boho jewellery, and you are ready to go. Or you can keep the look very simple and minimal by letting only the prints work around.

Dhoti Palazzo

Like typical dhotis, this palazzo has pleaded going upwards but had a wider bottom sleeve. Even Simple dhoti looks good when worn with the right Kurti and top, so imagine a better, more comfortable version of that. And you can wear it almost everywhere, so select the ones that are available in cotton, satin, silk and even khadi.

How to wear

Since it’s more of an ethnic wear style if down with A-line Kurtis, shirt Kurtis, tulip Kurtis and short slit Kurtis. Club a high collar bodycon top and drape fabric over it with a belt around to keep the whole look together, thus giving the appearance of a modern saree. Crop tops don’t look bad as well, or a dear one shoulder fitted top. For a more sophisticated fusion, try a short peplum top and put a belt around the waist.

Your wardrobe just got slimmer and your wallet, friendlier! Palazzos are here to stay so get all the types and be ready for every occasion. But girl, do we need time to wear something nice. Hell no! Experiment and play around till you find the ‘One’ style. I said one, cause discovering your style element is like finding a life partner. Have you found yours yet? Or still figuring out! Let us know in the comments below, share your style tips, your Palazzo hacks, your obsession with fashion or just about anything.
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