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Top 6 Most Common Type of Dads

posted by Somya Sood June 17, 2016 0 comments

Fathers are the rocks that keep us anchored through our lives. They are the ones that shape how we would turn out as adult men and women. That said Dads come in all shapes and sizes both literally and figuratively. In lieu of upcoming father’s day, we have tried to classify dads under different buckets. Read on and find out if your dads type is on the list.

The Strictly Strict Dad

These are what you would classify as Khadoos Papas. They are in the perennial habit of saying NO to everything you ask of them. By EVERYTHING I mean EVERYTHING!!
Papa can I go watch a movie? – NO
Papa can I go to a friend’s party?- NO
Papa can be an astronaut? – NO – Space is too far
Papa can I get you some tea? NO – I mean SERIOUSLY?!!
In their dictionary it would be a crime if they said yes to something you asked for in the first instance. But fact is, deep down they believe that saying yes will spoil their kids rotten.
This strategy almost always BACKFIRES !! You know I’m right 😉
Strict Dad

Daddy Cool

They are more like your buddies than your father. You can talk to them about anything under the sun. They are super chilled out about you partying and staying out late. You love your dad, even your friends love your dad. Downside is sometimes they are so pally they might want to accompany you to your parties – Not so Cool Daddy Cool :P. Another downside is that they might indulge in some cringe worthy conversations about the opposite sex with you just out of ultra coolness. We feel your pain 

Cool Dad

Mushy Mushed up Dads

On the exact opposite end of the spectrum are the over indulgent mushy dads. They live and breathe for their kids. They just can’t bear the thought of their kids being sad, frustrated, angry, upset, irritated and heck even bored. These fathers cry when their kids cry, the result being, mom ends up having an extra kid on her hands. Tough Luck Mommy!!
Mushy Dad

As kids you always get what you ask for almost immediately – Yayy for you !!

Sanskari Pitaji

Think Alok Nath on steroids. These dads are constantly scandalized by almost everything that’s happening in today’s “Kalyug”. They light numerous Agarbattis and indulge in too much Bhakti. He won’t even let you watch the latest season of Game of Thrones (yes, not even once a week), because how could he possibly miss the thrilling and hair raising shows on AASTHA Channel :P.
Sanskari Dad

Optimistic Daddy

He believes more in you than you ever would. They think there is no exam that you can’t ace and no trophy you can’t win. They are always cheering and rooting for you every step of the way. Sometimes this may create an obscene amount of pressure on you, but this pressure to expect more from yourself has made you the achiever you are today. You know whom to call when you are down in the dumps.
Optimistic Dad

Embarrassing Dad

This category is pretty common. They have a foot in mouth disease. Everything that comes out of their mouth just sounds all wrong. He may be pronouncing words wrong, passing racist comments, insulting people in the room without even realizing it. You just manage to hide your face and let is all go, because you know, that he doesn’t know any better and his heart is really in the right place. 
Embarrassing Dad

Jokes apart, like all things in life all kinds of daddies have their pros and cons, but, one thing’s for sure, they have taught us a lot of what we know in life today and most of us really look up to these pillars of strength called dads. So be nice to your daddy this father’s day and don’t forget to buy a nice little present as a token of your love and appreciation for his role in your life.

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