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Trendy Crop Top Every Fashion lover should own!

posted by Imtimenla Jamir May 4, 2017 0 comments
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One of the reasons why summer becomes tolerable is because of crop tops. Getting ready wasn’t this easy before, from brunch dates to fancy one can look effortlessly stylish over a crop top and high waisted bottoms. It’s not 90’s so we cannot expect anyone to wear it with low waist bottoms, get over it! And do you have that flattering tummy? Well, what better way to show a little skin. Even if you don’t have that desired belly, worry not, women are badass, and we can wear whatever we want. We don’t need validation anyway.

We all see different kinds of crop tops, of course, everyone’s wearing it. From movie stars to fashionistas to street style looks to bloggers. Everyone’s adorning it, and everyone is wearing something different from the other. A little knowledge doesn’t hurt. Right? So we have rounded up with types of crop tops

Long sleeve crop top

Not the favourite crop top for summer, but long sleeve crop tops has its perks. Such crop tops look amazing on busty women with a pencil skirt or high waisted pant. And you do not have to worry about getting tanned. You can carry this crop top till late autumn.

Halter neck crop top

Crop top that has a tie around the neck or suspended from the neck. Women with a small bust and petite size should be wearing this crop top. It looks incredibly hot on those that has toned shoulder and arms. Are you thinking of having a fun day with friends and party at night? Wear this halter neck crop top with mom’s denim and short, but keep everything high waisted, please.

Cropped high low

Why not high-low crop tops? These crop tops extend low at the back, giving a high-low look. High low crop tops are ideal for daily wear and casual outings. From shopping to college wear to a casual meeting, one can easily slip one of this with denim shorts or ripped jeans. And for a more particular occasion, pair it with tulip skirts and high waisted slim fit jeans and heels.

High neck crop top

High necks are not just winter essentials anymore. Summer also seems to be embracing it. Have you got that high neck crop tops yet? They look fabulous with absolutely anything, even semi formals, that’s a plus point. Wear it with high-waisted formal pants, cotton or linen pants and skirts. Get yours in beautiful prints and colours!

Off shoulder crop top

Will you be able to contain the hotness when you combine crop top and off-shoulder? It is summer’s favorite; no one can look terrible in it. Wear this one with tulle and skater skirt or high waisted A-line skirts. Also, it comes in pretty summery prints and subtle block colors.

V-neck crop top

V-necks are the trendiest thing to wear right now. And imagine, V-necks coming in your favorite crop tops. Why not? And deep V-necks are just the thing to show the right amount of cleavage without looking awkward. It looked exceptionally chic when worn by the right body shape and teamed with the right bottoms and shoes. Flaunt yours with pencil skirts or lace shorts, flats and a hat.

Bandeau/tube crop top

With bandeau style, you can go all classy chic or a badass sporty look. Bandeau Crop tops are the best choice if you are planning on a Friday night or a beach party. It is the right mix of sexy and comfort. Wear it with shorts, culottes or wide legged palazzo. It will look stunning with leather pants and skirts during colder days or a blazer for a semi-formal look.

Sequins crop top

Sequins crop tops are the party weavers if you are intending to hit the club or a glamorous social event, pick one of this up. They will put that sheen in your outfit. Wear it with plain high waisted skirts to make it work.

Crop tee

Buy this crop tee here Price: Rs 1150

The most worn and most comfortable crop tops. No wonder young girls love it and are pairing it with absolutely everything. Much like T-shirt but gives you a sleeker and more fabulous look.

Lace/crochet crop top

Lace is a rich and classy material in itself. You need not add on anything to look beautiful in a lace or crochet crop top. You could wear this lace crop over a high waist skirt or try them over a tan or dark blackish brown leather shorts, both looks work.

Sporty crop top

The sporty look is the new black. Let’s all agree that sports look are here to stay, with all the top designer embracing it in its runaway. Add a dash of sport to your outfit by matching a sporty crop top with high waisted denim or joggers, sneakers and cute sunglass of course. They look amazing with fitted skirts and shorts even.

Blouse crop top

One of the best thing that happened with traditional Indian wear is that crop tops came as a fresh breath of air. Or the other way round, you can wear your saree blouse as a crop top. But either way, it looks so chic and classy you should wear it to the next wedding you attend.

Front tie crop tops

These tie crop tops are not a new concept, it has just been modernised over time. You can either buy ready-made tie crop tops or you can use your old T-shirts or shirts. Front tie crops are available in stunning prints and colours to choose from.

Flared crop top

It is a good option for women who want to experiment with the crop-top craze but aren’t crazy about letting it all hang out. Try slipping this silk chiffon number over a thin shaded spaghetti-strap tank and a skinny black pair of jeans for a more conservative interpretation of the trend.

There you go, the different types of crop tops and how you can wear them. Whether you have a flat belly or not, it doesn’t matter; you should be wearing one. Embrace yourself, girls! Let us know in the comments below how you like it and how you’re styling your crop tops.

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