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More and more people are turning homepreneurs everyday. It’s almost an epidemic. So what are the top ten reasons for so many people getting on the entrepreneurship bandwagon?


There are practically no entry barriers, no exorbitant costs to starting a new business anymore. Gone are the days when “maa ke sone ke zevar girvi rakhne padte the”. Just register with an ecommerce website, figure out a source, resort to JIT inventory and anyone and everyone with even 10 Rs in his or her pocket is setting up a facebook business page and jumping at the opportunity to become a homepreneur.

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Ecommerce Success Stories are all over the papers

“Hey look at that guy, he looks no special to me. If he can do it, I can do it !!” You think ?!
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Indian husbands are stingy!!!

SAD BUT TRUE Housewives want to earn their own moolah. Tired of asking husbands for money, housewives are breaking the glass ceiling from within the confines of their homes. Not only are they getting the satisfaction & sense of fulfillment from being an Entrepreneur, they are doing so on their own terms. They even get the flexibility that a 9 to 5 corporate job would never ever give. Talk about killing two birds with one stone.

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Loathsome Bosses

Yup those mean, snide, manipulative, unreasonable bosses that take credit for your work, have no leadership skills whatsoever, de-motivate you to the pits and force you to look for alternate means of employment. A BIG THANK YOU to these clueless jerks, for leading thousands of talented men and women to their dream vacation. If it were not for these bosses, you would still be sitting in some cubicle waiting for an appraisal discussion, wondering “Why the hell am I doing this??”.

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Can’t Afford Office Space

Have you seen the real estate rates these days. Even our very own Raghuram Ranjan is fretting over it. So much better to sit in your own bed, type away on your laptop and occasionally ask Kanta Bhen for tea than sitting in a cool looking, but back breaking, expensive chair, you paid for from your own pockets. Infact, at the moment you can barely afford to pay Kanta Bhen.
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Banks and Private Equity Players are just giving away money

Ya right!! Wait till you have to give endless presentations to potential investors and even after getting the money just keep reporting back to them with endless complicated KPI Metrics.
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You keep getting these brilliant ideas

You were just born brilliant, it would be stupid not to act on these ingenious ideas or someone else will make millions off of it before you do.
Can’t take that chance, Can we?!
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Just Looking for Some Excitement

Bored with your regular life – ” Hey let’s start a business, coz life’s an adventure.” And you won’t be living a full life unless you are living on the edge. A small tip though – just get some medical insurance, for all the stress you will be handling while “Living life on the Edge”.
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Follow Your Dream

It’s all over the internet! It’s the advice, everyone is giving everyone. In our parent’s generation, financial stability was very important, and there weren’t many options/ choices. Today every article, book, SMS, Whatsapp forward is telling us to follow our dream. Turn your hobbies into your job, they say and be happy for the rest of your life. YOU GOT CONVINCED!
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Job Market Sucks

You quit your job in a huff over your jerk of a boss and now there’s no going back because where are the jobs?? Whatever happened to the Indian Job Market? You chose not to sulk and wait and started your very own company where you are the boss. That’s Right YOU! Good for You!
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Jokes apart, whatever be the reason you chose to be a Homepreneur, you are on this path and we hope you fight it out and emerge victorious on your quest for Real Profit.
Here’s wishing you the very best for the future because we won’t be here if it weren’t for you. So keep doing whatever it is you are doing and let us support you as best as we can.


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