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Get Noticed with Traditional Coin Jewellery

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Coin Jewellery

Coins have been an integral part of human civilization. As the civilization evolved, coin became inseparable from the human race. Not just for the currency but the coin had numerous usages in the past. The Egyptians used them make armor for their soldiers. Also, coins were used as medallions and rewards. Human started making coins since the discovery or metal.  India was one of the countries where coins were developed independently. Soon coin became an important part of ornaments and jewels. People started creating jewellery with coins and it turned out to be one of the greatest crafts.

The origin

The first coin cutting was seen in the early 16th century. When craftsmen would pierce coins and cut them to impress their lovers. Then after a bit of evolution coin cutting became a serious craftsmanship and new techniques of developing these breathtaking jewels were developed. In the initial phase, coins were used to make rings, necklace and earrings.

In India, the origin of coin jewellery can be found in the south. It was called Temple jewellery and Tamil Nadu had been the center of this traditional art form. Tamil Nadu had always been culturally rich and several art forms originated from this land of Dravidians.

coin ring

The making

In the initial phase of creating coin jewellery the technique was quite simple. A coin was attached to another coin by poking a hole in it and then attaching them together using a metal wire. Then as the technique developed the designs got intricate and it became more elegant and grand. The coin jewellery is now cast and designed using advanced machines and skilled craftsmen. Temple jewellery always had some kind of cultural or spiritual influence on it. That is the reason that the finished products have engravings of Gods and other religious figures. It is worn on celebrations such as marriage, childbirth and other auspicious occasions. The most popular motifs that are engraved on the coin ornaments are goddess Lakshmi and Elephants, as both are considered very auspicious in South. Grand architectural designs are also very popular when it comes to temple jewellery.

coin making

Coin jewellery in the modern times

Whole or cut, coin jewellery is becoming popular. It is easy to carry also it has the traditional yet contemporary feel to it. It is easy to carry and gives you an edge over others. A lot of people pair the temple jewellery with their traditional attires but you can also wear it with your smart casuals and other Indo western dresses. There is jewellery with delicate flowers, lovely butterflies and bold sun. These can be a perfect ornament for daywear. The only thing you need to remember is that it shouldn’t be too chunky or traditional. It also gives you a little bit of bohemian appeal which brings character to your boring outfit. Here are a few pieces of coin jewellery that are readily available and are an amazing tool to level up your style quotient.

Ringa ring

Nothing better than an amazing coin inspired ring, it works well with all your outfits and is surely a conversation starter. Rings are important not only for religious or ceremonial purposes but they also show your artsy side and sometimes a small ring can lead to a lot of compliments
Coin Ring

Necklace perfection

If there is one best usage of coin in jewellery, it has got to be in necklace. An intricate coin necklace brings grandeur to your persona and reflects regality.  People understand your value for art and they appreciate your love for exclusivity.
coin necklace


The earring is the perfect accessory to complete a look. Coin earrings are no different they are edgy, charismatic and definitely unique. While the others are busy getting matching earrings for all their attires, you make a statement with these amazing coin earrings.
coin earrings

Coin jewellery is indeed a result of true craftsmanship and it should be cherished with love and passion; after this mesmerising trip to coin expedition we are sure you are now obsessed with the coin jewellery and are ready to level up your style game.

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