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Suicide squad: Why is it different from the traditional super hero movies?

posted by Kavesh Khanna August 4, 2016 0 comments

So, like a ton of you, I too am a superhero fanatic. Whenever a super flick is out, I get hooked to the trailer until the real deal is out. Lately while surfing Youtube I came across a thumbnail and it said “Suicide Squad” and I couldn’t help but watch it. Since that very moment I am glued to the trailer. I mean it is so intriguing and it seems much more than any other sci-fi or superhero movie. Here is why the suicide squad is getting the buzz all across the globe.

Hero, no hero that is the question

Suicide Squad is technically an anti-hero film. Which means, supervillains with super awesome looks. After enjoying the evilness of Joker in “The Dark night”, the love for supervillains has gained popularity amongst the masses. Suicide squad is surely a treat for the people who are big time into villains and grey characters because there are plenty of bad guys in the movie.

Not joking, Joker!

After the iconic role of supervillain Joker by Heath Ledger. We have a serious badass image of The Joker and Jared Leto as the new joker is a definite thing to look for. We have high expectations and this time the joker looks brutal cold blooded and modernized. The iconic smile is already making a way to the merchandise and people are going gaga about it. So because of the Joker, Suicide Squad becomes a sure shot in your watch list.

Will Smith or Will he not?

Peekaboo, look what we found in the trailer. The legendary actor Will Smith and he looks phenomenal in the new avatar. Will Smith is definitely an amazing actor and he is all set to blow your mind. Also after the performance in Hancock he has a superhero reputation to keep up. This is another plus one for the Suicide squad.


Margot Robbie the hot talk of town.

Well, it is hard for a female character to grab eyeballs in a super macho superhero flick. Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn has been making it big in the news with her uber hot avatar and her fling with the Joker in the movie.  We definitely are looking forward for a villainous romance.

Batman Batman, What you gonna do?

Suicide Squad is being promoted majorly as an anti-hero film there is little flash of our very own billionaire play boy Bruce Wayne AKA The Batman. Now, the question is how will he be able to get away with a tonn of super villains?

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