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Life has become exceedingly stressful today. We hardly have time for anything to do in the midst of our day to day stressful work schedules, let alone exercise. But there is a smart and viable way to manage your health with unreasonable work hours. This International Yoga Day, let us explore 5 simple yoga exercises you can do at work with ease.

Desk Planks

Lean on your desk in an inclined plank position. While practising this posture, make sure you hold your position for at least 10-15 breaths. This will give you an instant relief from being seated all day and straighten out your spine.

Desk planks office yoga

Desk Plank

Finger & Wrist Pulls

This can be performed with ease while sitting at your workstation. Simply pull your arm out and slowly pull your fingers back with your other hand. Do this till you feel a sense of relief from all that writing. Try the same with your wrist and repeat it for the other arm. These stretches can be performed every 2- 2 ½ hours.

wrist and finger stretches office yoga

Wrist and finger stretches

Neck Rotations

Most of our work stress pain is generally focused on the back and sides of our neck leading all the way down to the upper back. You can simply relieve yourself from this pain by slowly rotating your neck in a clockwise direction. Make sure this exercise is performed slowly. Once you’re done, you may repeat the rotations in an anti-clockwise formation to further relax your neck and back.

Neck rotations office yoga

Neck rotations

Cow Face Pose

Bring your right arm behind your head and your left arm behind your back. On doing this, make sure your hands meet in the center of your back and ensure a strong hold. This will help immensely in stretching your upper back, upper arms, thighs, hips and even the chest!

Cow Face Arms Yoga

Cow Face Arms posture

Standing Crescent Side Bend

Simply stand straight with your right hand supported by the desk and left arm extending straight upwards from your body and bend to your right. This exercise is known to help in circulation of your rib cage and helps in better breathing. It’s also known to relax your nervous system. Repeat the same with the other hand.

crescent moon office yoga

Crescent moon

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