Reasons you should be at the Yacht Week this year

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The Yacht Week is all about sailing and admiring the scenic beauty the world has to offer. The amazing sailing event is held every summer in 6 different exquisite locations ranging from Croatia, Greece, Thailand to Italy, Turkey and the British Islands, where you can get away from the hustle and bustle of every day city life with your best mates.
Just imagine exploring stunning locations and killing it, party after party in the middle of the sea with hardly any restrictions. Here are a few reasons you should be at the Yacht Week this year!

Seize the opportunity

Let’s face it! Unless we’re potential billionaire’s (or billionaire’s), it’s not going to be very often that we get to sail out on a yacht and revel in the luxurious surrounding beauty. But, we can surely feel like a king momentarily at a spec of the cost involved in being a Billionaire. Take advantage of it while you can.

The Yacht Week Thailand 2013. Photo: Beau Pilgrim

Away from the city

With summer time temperatures soaring in the cities, you’ll either move to cooler regions or beaches to get away. And if you’re really pushing to get away, what better way than to not be on land altogether. Sail away in to the middle of the sea where you can’t get to the world and the world can’t get to you. We can’t promise you peace and quiet but you’ll definitely forget about all your problems back home.

Yacht week

New and like-minded people

If you’re searching for your kind of crowd, interesting people with even more interesting tales to tell or a chilled out bunch that just want to generally have a good time, the Yacht Week will definitely do you some good.

yacht week people


Travel with your buddies

Plan out this adventure with 3-4 of your closest buddies. Trust us, when you’re out on a yacht with your best friends (who are on the same mental wave length), simply to party and visit exotic locations, the experience is very different and much more interesting than it would’ve been as a solo tourist. You will return with memories of a lifetime!

yacht week friends

Exotic Locations

While you’re at the Yacht Week, you won’t only be just sailing and chilling aboard throughout. You will visit nearby islands and local areas. You can explore new cultures, cuisines and much more on land!

yacht week islands


So set sail for a journey of a lifetime you’ll never forget. Where you’ll meet new people, have new experiences and learn to let your hair down the real way. Get set to embark on an epic voyage that you’ll remember for decades to come.

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