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Insane Pokemon go instances

posted by Isha Rathee July 27, 2016 0 comments

The month of July has seen the Pokemon Go craze take the world by storm; it’s already as popular as Twitter in the United States though the rage has not caught on as widely in India yet. Nintendo seems to have the jackpot with this one,

I am not ashamed to admit that I have not yet played game (I don’t really like pokemon, I was never into it even as a child! Gasp!) Though I think the technology behind it is quite cool and the idea of immersive games is brilliant, I doubt I’ll be running around the city trying to catch Pikachu or whatever anytime soon.

Thankfully this ensures I won’t be joining the list of people who did really and I mean REALLY stupid/funny things while playing the game.

WARNING: The stories mentioned below should not be taken as a checklist for identifying a true Pokemon Go fan

Get stabbed

Michael Baker in Oregon, USA was stabbed by a person on the street for asking him if he was playing Pokemon Go at 1am. Instead of going to the hospital, he continued playing the game and is reported to have said – ‘I basically risked my life’. I’m sure the game is fun but is it fun enough to risk your life?

Walk on train tracks

In their quest for Pokemon, people in the Netherlands have been wandering on train tracks forcing the Dutch railway system to contact Nintendo to ask them to shoo people away from the tracks

Quit job

A man in New Zealand actually quit his job in order to search for Pokemon full time. I guess he’s found his true calling.

Cross borders illegally

Two teenagers illegally crossed the US-Canadian border while stuck to their phones, apparently unaware that they had just left their country!


Crash drone

A man reportedly crashed his 1000-dollar drone after attaching his phone to the drone in order to expand his Poke quest.

General inattention to surroundings

People have fallen off their bikes, driven/walked intos poles, gotten lost, been robbed and disrupted traffic by leaving their cars in the middle of the road because they saw a Pokemon. Cities around the world might have to start adding “don’t Catch and drive” signs right under the ‘don’t drink and drive’ ones.

pokemon go 1

Play during birth of child

Apparently catching a pidgey is a great way to celebrate your impending fatherhood. Posted on Imgur

pokemon go 3

On the bright side at least this game requires you to walk around outside and get some exercise so in a way its actually healthy as long as you don’t do any the above,


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