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The Perfect Gifts for every Nature Lover

posted by Radhika Chugh September 3, 2016 0 comments

One of my closest friends is shifting to a different continent tomorrow and after 7 years of knowing her, this will be a little difficult getting used to. Living up to social obligations (And also because I love giving surprises), I decided I will be getting her a going-away gift. Now, one thing you need to know about her is that she is a major nature lover. She has backpacked to various states and trekked across multiple valleys.


While I am a human equivalent of a grumpy cat when it comes to the beauty of a day in Delhi (Summer -> Heat -> Sweat -> I hate it), this friend of mine is just in absolute awe of the miracle of life, and nature in general. So while going through innumerable options of ideal gifts for a nature lover, I came across some marvelous products right here at Kraftly. I am writing this article with the hope of this helping you guys out in a situation like mine. So, here we go.

Must-have Shoulder Bags

Now, just because you have this immense love towards nature, does not mean you don’t want to keep up with the fashion. These marvellous bags made of jute, are completely eco-friendly. And they are high-quality and durable as well.

Jute Bag Nature Lover 2Jute Bag Nature Lover 1

Eat and Repeat

This is the perfect thing to get to a foodie who is also a nature lover. The designs are just amazing, and let me fixate on the fact that this is made of jute. It is an organic lunch bag, and truth be told I bought myself one too for work.

Jute Lunch Nature Lover 1 Jute Lunch Nature Lover 2

Go Green

Well, it is sort of obvious that you give a nature lover something related to plants. The name says it all, doesn’t it? These picks are just perfect to add to your homes. They are organic and designed well enough to go with anything. The plant hanger makes me keen to go green.

Plant Nature Lover 1 Plant Nature Lover 2

Happy Feet!

‘I don’t want more footwear’ – said no one ever. These eco-friendly and stylish pairs of footwear are just downright amazing. I admire how people are trying to save the environment with style. These are brilliant and are necessary additions to your shoe shelves.

Footwear Nature Lover 1 Footwear Nature Lover








Here are certain picks which I consider to be the perfect gifts for a nature lover. If there are any nature-lover essentials that you know of and I missed on, please comment. I would love to add them to my lists. And if you want to find more options, look no further. We, at Kraftly, come up with new collections specially curated for every individual and every personality. Check out our collection of lovely gifts for a nature lover.

Sidenote: Global warming is caused by people being uncool. So be cool. Save the environment. Mother Earth needs us to slow down a little and rethink our ways of living because the adverse effects will be faced by us itself.


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