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Music Lovers? You Should Own These Products

posted by kraftly March 21, 2016 0 comments
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Where words fail, music speaks. For some people, music is an escape, and for others, it’s a way of relieving their stress and feeling much better instantly. If not a day in your life goes without listening to music, then chances are that you’re constantly on the hunt for products for the music lover in you. Here are our top products for music lovers that you’ll need to own right away.

Solid Portable Speakers

You saw this coming, didn’t you? A good set of portable speakers that you can carry around everywhere is a definite must-have product for any audiophile. And it’s high time that you buy one or upgrade from the one you already have.

Portable Speaker

Cling-On Sports Headphones

Having a personal mental space while you exercise is most essential for a satisfying work-out. So take a break from the music that plays in your gym all the time and listen to your playlist during your work-out or while you go for a run. These headphones won’t slip or bother you in any way when you’re working hard on your body.

portable mp3 player 2

Wardrobe For The Music Freak

Flaunting what you love on the clothes you wear is always a great idea. Get yourself a cool t-shirt with the kind of print and colour that sums it up for you. We love this ‘Skull with Headphones’ tee, available in three funky colours.

music lover t-shirt 3

Music ‘Literally’ Everywhere

Listening to music in the shower is something that a lot of people like, but sadly you can’t take your phone to the shower. With water-friendly speakers, you have the liberty to enjoy your favourite songs without the risk of damaging your gadget. Also, these will become a great beach and pool companion as they are water-resistant and stick onto almost any surface.

speaker 1

Perfection In Headphones

Whether you are an audiophile or simply a music lover, a decent pair of headphones is something everyone should own. We know you’re looking for clarity of sound and maybe even noise-cancellation features to get the best listening experience – so investing in a good quality headphones is the wise decision to make here.


Dedicated MP3 Player

If you like listening to music constantly while you’re on the go, then we’re sure that your smartphone’s battery dies pretty soon. An MP3 player is what you should be looking for – and it’s the coolest solution to your problem. You get to listen to your playlist and save your phone’s battery at the same time – best of both worlds, right?


Wall Decals For Music Lovers

You don’t have to limit your flaunting to your wardrobe. Stick a musical wall decal in your room to add a spellbinding charm to your walls and stay surrounded by music and inspiration all around.


wall art music loverAll these products are bound to make any music lover content and happy. Even if you don’t wish to buy them for yourself, surprise your loved ones with one of these and they’ll be awed. Check out our complete collection of cool accessories for music lovers here.

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