8 Things NOT to Gift this Diwali!

posted by Radhika Chugh September 30, 2017 0 comments

Diwali is almost here and my lovely OCD mother says it’s high time to start cleaning the house. She made a whole plan, strategically cleaning every area twice because it’s directly related to more money in the house. Thank you, Goddess Lakshmi!

Also, since the time of gifting has arrived, I wonder why is it that we follow the same trends for Diwali, loading our loved ones with Diabetes, giving them Sleepwell hampers every time? Well, atleast I don’t want to gift the same old things to my loved ones for Diwali, I am sure even you wouldn’t! So, here’s a list of Diwali gifts NOT to give this Diwali!

1. The Boxes of Heart Diseases

We get a gazillion boxes of sweets every Diwali. Specifically, Soan Papdi. Somebody find me the statistics of increase in diabetes patients in India, please?

Source: Giphy

2. The Addictive Dry Fruits

Again, one of the most cliched Diwali gifts are the huge fancy boxes with insignificant proportions of dry fruits. The good part is that everybody likes dry fruits. The sad part is that they barely last 15 minutes. Dry fruits are incredibly common and have absolutely nothing to do with Diwali.

3. The ‘Munchies’ Package

All of us have received these baskets full of chips, snacks, chocolates and more. I personally love them, to be honest, but not because of Diwali. I love how they are a complete package of munchies for my midnight walks to my kitchen, and am delighted to find them. But, I am not particularly fond of these as a Diwali gift.

4. The Unfortunate Sleep-well Hamper

I am talking about those sad blanket/bed sheet sets. The best of the worst, have matching pillow covers too. And these sets are either made of the worst material possible or have really atrocious designs. Every single time anybody gets these, the universal internal feeling is: “WOW. I will never use this ever.

5. The ‘NOPE’ Utensils

Clearly, this is the category of things we keep, but will never ever use. Be it cookers’ from weird made-up brands, or cheap cup-sets – they are a big NO. You might have gone on a shopping spree and received this set in return for shopping for 15,000, but I beg of you, please don’t pass them on to me.

6. Unusually Tiny Bowls (which serve no purpose)

These are those sets of super tiny bowls or other types of crockery, which come to literally no use. They are just enough to put a spoonful of anything. I thought smaller servings will help me lose some weight, but alas, I just ended up losing some patience. I felt like a giant, which is precisely opposite the feeling I was looking for. Please consider us human with an average appetite, and choose crockery accordingly.

7. The ‘What-goes-around-comes-around’ Gift

A couple of years back I got this home decor item (a weird figurine) which wouldn’t have looked good with the theme of any of our rooms (translation: I hated it). So, I decided to regift it away. Believe it or not, 5 years later, one of our mutual friends gifted us the same regift. It seems like we have set this one particular gift to motion, travelling from house to house every year. Never opened. You will never see it coming back.

8. Life Advice

There are certain people who make sure they enlighten you with some relationship/career advice for sure. “Beta, life ka kya plan hai?“; “Shaadi ke baarein mein kya socha hai?“, and similar questions are thrown at you by different family members, and you can completely forget about getting a gift. I hate these the most. Correction: I am scared of these the most. I run in the opposite direction, and try avoiding all sorts of conversations.

In the spirit of Diwali, the whole purpose of this post is that uniqueness, and thoughtfulness is losing its spark. Nobody wants to spend more time in getting something useful and different. We want you to make the effort. Go out. Find the person something unique or useful, and see them remember you every single time they see it or use it. Make people smile. Maybe, make someone’s day!

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