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20 Latest Blouse Designs with Different Neck Patterns of 2017

posted by Imtimenla Jamir February 22, 2017 0 comments
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Indian tradition wears are incomplete with the extravagance of saree and one cannot envisage a saree without a blouse. The cloth, which most might neglect taking it just as a complimentary element to complete a saree but if you’re into fashion then you already know that blouses are as integral as the saree itself. Considering the delicate nature of a blouse and how it can change the game of your look, we have come up with 20 different types of blouse designs every woman should know if you’re planning to stand out in all your traditional attire.

1. Round Neck Blouse

Round neck designs have been a saving grace since time immemorial and are still widely favoured. If you can’t decide which blouse to pick, close your eyes and pick the classic round neck design as it is suitable for all body type.

2. Square Neck Blouse

After the much sought after round neck design is the square design. Square neckline has a sensual appeal and it shows the collar bones apply and makes your shoulder looks broader. Ideal for those with a lean structure and narrow bust. Square necklines are designed to make one look elegant. Wear a deep square neck, front or back and accessorise it with statement earring.

3. Bra Style Blouse

A rather new thing yet if you want to see all the haters go red, rock a bra style blouse. From cocktails to parties this blouse will take on any occasion. Best, if you want to show your toned body yet looks subtle.

4. Chinese Collar Blouse

This blouse gives you a simple, elegant looks. If you have moderate to the long neck, this blouse will compliment you especially if you wear it with cotton, chiffon and cotton sarees. Keep the back low cut or simple, and you can also try a very low V-shaped or U-shaped cut in the front.

5. Sweetheart Neck Blouse

If you have a narrow bust frame, thin shoulder, and collar bone to kill for, this blouse is ideal for you. Available in various front and back open patterns, this blouse is the second most versatile cloth after the round neck. Grab one this summer!

6. Halter Neck Blouse

Blouse has a knot tied around the neck; this blouse is the talk of the town. Suitable for evening parties and one can never feel under dressed while adorning this blouse. It compliments an Indo-western look and can be the best option for medium bust coverage and slim shoulders.

7. High Neck Blouse

Not just in western wear but also in tradition blouse style this high neck blouses are in Vogues these days. Much like the Chinese collar neck but giving you with more leverage while carrying a straightforward and plain saree as the neck design gives away a very sexy chic look.

8.Spaghetti strap blouse

An extended version of spaghetti top, this blouse is widely favored in traditional attires as well. Instead of a regular cloth straps designer have started to opt for pearls or stones, fabricated flowers, Doris and golden chains for better appeal. They look outstanding on framed structure.

9. Shirt Style Blouse

Fashion fanatics like to experiment, and this blouse is the success of one such experiment and people are going crazy over it, for its versatility. This blouse is worn in various designs and patterns with or without embellishments depending on the occasion. But there isn’t any event where this blouse cannot be worn given its classic appeal.

10. Embroidered Blouse

Embroidery has a charm of royalty and elegance, so if you’re planning something big then go for an embroidered blouse with your saree or vice versa. It will highlight your whole looks.

11. Backless Blouse

The backs of these blouses are typically supported with sleek threads or knots or with a thin fabric coverage. This is one blouse that will make you look sensuous in the right way.

12. Bandeau/Tube Style/Strapless Blouse

Nothing would look sexier than a strapless blouse along with your saree. Get your blouse embellished or heavily accessorise a plain one and you’re ready to take on the world. Prepare to flaunt your bosom and shoulder with this exquisite piece.

13. Sheer Sleeve Blouse

Sheer is the new black, from a runway to high street fashion, so why not our traditional blouse. Sheer is subtly sensuous and sheer full sleeve or mid sleeve is a must have this season.

14. Back button Blouse

If you follow fashion then you must have heard about the back button shirts that’s trending or you must have worn one already. Well, why not implement that style on our blouses as well. Keep the back of your blouse sheer to give a bare minimalistic look.

15. Jacket style Neck

While fashion fades, some pieces become an investment. Jacket blouse is one such statement investment. Generally worn during autumn and winter, they look ideal with traditional sarees like Kanjeevaram saree and Banarasi silk saree. And if you like to experiment pair it with dhoti sarees and saree with pants to keep it sleek and modern.

16. Cape Blouse

With a flowy and dulcet appeal cape blouse is every fashion lover’s experimenting tool to take on their saree look. Ideally worm with light weighted and breezy fabric, embellish your saree or accessorize it for a statement affair.

17. Embellished/Jewelled Neck Blouse

Mostly worn during occasions the embellished blouses have gems around its neckline or collar. Wouldn’t you get a royal feeling just wearing this beauty neckline? Avoid any other statement accessories if you choose to wear this design blouse, otherwise, the look might heavy. Wear this if you want to shine and be the centre of attraction.

18. V-Neck Blouse

There are few classic neckline designs when it comes to ethnic wear and V neck design is one of them. It is favoured for party wear as well as daily wear. You can, also try deep neck V design with statement accessories. Also, it looks beautiful with a piping at the neckline.

19. Closed Neck Blouse

The neck of this blouse is lower than the high neck, it ends just around the collar bone. The close neck line is a popular trend in the western wear, and it’s catching up on the ethnic fashion as well. Narrow neck designs give a very sophisticated look and look great on those has a long neck. Team it with statement neck piece and earring.

20. Tier Blouse Design

If you want to go for something that subtle and sexy at the same time, then you should try the layer blouse design. It is ideal for those evenings when you want to look exquisite and alluring. Show that toned back in a multi-tier blouse design will minimal accessory. Let the back design steal the show. You can get it in prints or plain clothes depending on the occasion.

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