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Latest Fashion Trends for Women to Follow this Summer 2017!

posted by Imtimenla Jamir March 28, 2017 0 comments

Latest Fashion trends are no longer restricted to celebrities, models and fashion icons. What are trends for only if they were meant only for those who created them? The trend is for everyone depending on whether you want to follow it or not. I for one follows trend yet stick to my personal styling of being minimalistic and classic. So, it depends on how you follow them. And with all the internet and media around us, how can we not stay updated about all that’s in vogue and what’s becoming outdated in next six months. Some of the designers even releasing their collections on social media, one cannot help but not stay affected by the fashion frenzy. As for 2017, we have picked out ten latest fashion trends for women to follow this summer 2017. Happy reading!


Before autumn/winter ended we already knew that sportswear is here to stay. This cool wear was presented in many faces by Dior to Gucci to Versace. From sporty tee dresses to leather leggings to tennis skirt to gym shorts these classic wears are the rage this season. Sportswear is comfortable, easy to carry and best summer wear one can ask for.

Style tips

Do the messy hair, the cool tee and the ripped or mum’s jeans look. Or rock that leather skirt with a sport tee


We all knew bralette was coming, after all the styling hints left by all the designers and the style icons. And why not, bring the bra out this summer! They are sexy, badass and the best way to show a toned upper body.

Style tips

Wear a bralette or a crochet beneath a loose shirt and shorts or a deep neck loose tee or with kimonos and shorts for casual looks. You can also try bralette with long flowy skirts, underneath a sheer georgette top, inside a denim jacket or even with jeggings. They make you look instantly stylish.


Culottes or the fancy flared pants were in last season and it’s not going anywhere even this season. But it can be tricky as well, given its length. From knee length to ankle-gazing length and everything in between, one can play around with the length according to the outfit ideas in mind.

Style tips

Wear simple tank tops with slip on and flats. Style crop top and bralette with mules. Opt to wear a printed bold culotte and a solid top to keep it semi-formal and chic. Culottes looks amazing even with sneakers and casual slip on.



Tulle is sure in trend but how do you avoid looking like a reckless ballerina when you wear one! This is one trend that can make you look a fashion disaster if you can’t carry it. You can wear it as a sheer cover to your outfit or can be worn skirts and dresses, but whatever you wear it as, tulle’s are one trend to look out for this season.

Style tips

Wear a tulle skirt with lace tops and pumps for an elegant look. Or tug a classic white shirt or denim shirt for a casual. getup. Tulles also work with really work with stripes and jackets or you can dress down a tulle dress like you own it. Tulle looks stylish by itself, so keep it as simple as possible

Skewed skirt

The ramp and editorials have seen much of skewed skirts and it didn’t look bad at all. Well, why not, offbeat and uneven lengths for a change, which is a statement in itself. Be it the short fitted one or the long flowy baby, I can’t wait to get mine!

Style tips

Pair it with a fitted tank top or a high neck crop top and see what it does to your look. Also, tug in a nice off shoulder top for lunch dates. You can always club simple shirts or ruffled shirts with this one.

Kitten heels

It seems the classic kitten heels are coming back all over again. Kitten heels which come in small comfortable heels. They are great for work and even casual outings where you have to be in these shoes for a while, giving the perfect blend of comfort and style.

Style tips

There is absolutely no outfit that these heels can’t carry! No justification needed. From rough denim chic look to office formal look in pants and pencil skirts to flowy dresses and flared pants. God! why haven’t you got one yet?

Mini Slings

sling bag

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It looks like the size of your slings will minimize down to simply the size of your wallet or big enough to put your phone and lipstick together. From small pouches to mini bags to sling coming across your gold chains, get ready to follow this minimal trend.

Style tips

Not just one, but it seems to put two to three slings together across is considered okay. Hang one around your wrist along with your bracelet.

deconstructed shirts

Few garments are as effortlessly chic as the button up shirt. It’s familiar, resolutely dependable and, despite its simplicity, anything but basic. A trend that started on the streets of New York, reconstructing the classic wardrobe. This season one will see and style a lot of these classic. Can’t wait to get started!

Style tips

Pick cotton and light weighted fabric for summer. A wrap around deconstructed shirt is a must have. Pair it easily with flares, culottes and skirts. Nothing beats a classic denim and shirt pairing, make sure you put it up together.

The ruffles

We have seen a lot of ruffles even last season and it’s as much in trend even this season, if not for more. It’s raining ruffles everywhere, from the classic simple ruffles to the modern ruffles. Every designer is putting ruffles as constructively as possible and man! we love it.

Style tips

Ruffle anywhere is a good idea. Except for ruffle on ruffle you can try possibly anything that comes to you weird stylish head.

Shirt dresses

Shirt dresses were never out of trend, only the cuts and lengths have changed. It has become fancier over the years and more versatile. Drop waists, double high slits, button-downs, asymmetric hemlines, mandarin-collar: are you ready to take a shirting adventure. I sure am!

Style tips

One can easily dress up or down this trend. Wear it with mules, sneaker, cut-out heels or a Birkenstock, you will look ravishing. The style is quite simple so you might want to work out the choice of footwear are accessories.

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