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This Women’s Day, Employees At Kraftly Share their #BeBoldForChange Stories

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Do we really need a particular day every year, marked in our calendars as women’s day? Do we need a reminder of us being a woman? Let the opinions clash but let’s accept that Women around the world deserve more than just 24 hours of glory and recognition for their deeds. One of the motives behind celebrating International Women’s Day is also to call for gender equality. Women are not even demanding for supremacy nor are we misandric. Is feminism that difficult to accept? The only thing women are asking is their right which has been denied to them: to be accepted without bias, a gender discrimination-free world.

I am a victim of stalking, I am a victim of eve-teasing, I am a rape victim, I am a victim of internet bullying, I am a victim of my parents’ decision for my life, I am a victim of a suppressed society and on the cry goes. Why do the stories always have to be about fear and helplessness? Why do women have to be victimised? Not anymore! Well, the air around us is changing and this year’s International Women’s Day theme can’t be apter #BeBoldForChange, Soul-searing stories are shared at Kraftly, on how each person stood for themselves and for other women. As we let their bold voices to be heard, this is an outcry to all the women to hold your ground, fight for yourself and stand for those who needs a hand. This Women’s Day, employees at Kraftly share their #BeBoldForChange stories.

1. He was harassing and threatening me to sleep with him. And then…


Two years back, I was receiving calls from this stranger. And this went on for a long time. He was harassing me and threatening me to sleep with him. I decided to take a step and filed a complaint against him on ‘1091’ (women helpline number). They immediately took things in their hand. Despite me putting a stop to this, I knew that lakhs of people face this on a regular basis, and I made the decision of trying to reach out to the masses. This is when I contacted a radio station and featured my story on one of their shows.

Suddenly a lot of women started stepping up and expressing their views on this issue, and an alarming number came clean about similar experiences. This feature story escalated to a full-fledged campaign by the radio channel, which was supported by the police commissioner of Delhi, with a commitment to resolve all the women’s issues within 24 hours. I don’t think I have felt so proud of myself. I am proud of all these women decided to bring change.

Mansi Kalani, 27.
[HR Manager at Kraftly]


2. At the age of 6 I saved a kid from drowning. And then…


At the age of 6, I saved a kid from drowning. And then…..
CAPTION: I was six years old, and was playing near a water tank in my society when I heard someone screaming. After panicking and looking for the person who yelled, I noticed a kid drowning in the water tank. When I barely had the sense to know right from wrong, I ran towards him and held his hand to pull him out of the marshland. There was no one around to help me in saving this kid, but fortunately, I was able to put him out safely.

Some time later, I met his parents, and they thanked me for saving him. There is a person breathing today whereas it could have been otherwise had I not been there. I don’t know whether it is ‘Bold for a Change’ but I do feel sane after saving someone’s life.

Swati Srivastava, 29.
[Category Manager at Kraftly. ]


3. Witnessed him molesting a girl in the metro. And then…


It was just one of those average days, and I was travelling back from my workplace in the Metro. I heard a ruckus, and I saw this woman beat the hell out of a guy while he was on the floor panic-stricken. It turns out that he had tried molesting her, and this young lady decided not to take this nonsense.

She beat him black and blue, while everybody else stood in one corner and saw what happened. She dragged him to the metro police and filed a complaint against him. I don’t know if I would be fearless enough to react the same, but she is an inspiration for all us women. It’s time we stand up against every such man and be bold for a change.

S. Meghana, 23.
[Merchandising Manager at Kraftly.]


4. He followed me every day, and I was scared. And then…


This incident happened when I was a student in college. There was this one guy who stalked me every day and would follow me. I was scared of him. Afraid of getting out of the house, or going to college. Tired of all this happening to me, I decided to take a step for myself. One day when he tried to follow me and stood real close to me, I simply asked him what his problem was. Asked him whether he even had a mother or a sister at home.

I told him to stop stalking me, and if he continues doing the same, I will report this to the police. After a while of constantly telling him off, he stopped stalking me. All this required was to ‘raise your voice’. It might not solve the problem, but it definitely is one step towards change.

Let us all stop these kinds of bastards from suppressing women. Let’s raise our voices and be bold for change.

Aruna Chauhan, 27.
Testing Engineer at Kraftly.


5. My father passed away in 1992, and my mother had to look after 3 kids on her own. And then…


I have a strong memory of my father. He was hard working and kept everything in place. He worked towards keeping financial worries at bay, and even fulfilling every little obnoxious wish that we as kids demanded.

After my father passed away in 1992, my mother was left with the responsibility of taking care of 3 kids. The early years were incredibly tough, and the ups and downs were constant, but my mother managed everything perfectly. She took care of us without letting us know about the shortcomings. Now that I look back at those years, my love, respect, and admiration for my mother keep growing stronger. Words are short to describe the whole thing. All I can say is, Thank you. Debunking the societal norms and linear thinking, my mother was being bold for change in every way possible.

Ashish Joseph, 28.
[Assistant Manager – Marketing & Content at Kraftly. ]


6. He randomly held my hand and verbally abused me. And then…


They say “It’s a Man’s world!”. But I beg to differ. A lot of incidents happen on a daily basis, not just with me but every woman. Talking about one such incident, which took place when I was just getting home from work. While walking back from the metro station, this one guy randomly came next to me, held my hand and verbally abused me. I looked around, and nobody was anywhere to be seen at this isolated place.

I switched to defence mode, and before I could think straight, I punched him in the face. He was taken aback, and I took advantage of his surprise. I continuously hit him with my elbow until his gums bled. And I ran. I don’t know what would have happened that day had I not taken this step. I am constantly told that he might come back and try taking revenge. But seriously, sometimes you have to be your superhero and be bold for a change. You have to look past the fear and take a step for your safety. And I am proud of myself.

Ishita Kapoor, 25.
[Assistant Manager – Marketing at Kraftly]


7. He tried to molest my friend at a New Year’s Party. And then…


I went out on the New Year’s Eve to celebrate with my colleagues. It was a brilliant party, and all of us had a little to drink. It was 12:30 AM and the pub was just about to close down, while my friend went to the bar to get her last drink. And then, this random dude tried to molest her at the bar.

Contrary to how most of the females would have reacted, I was surprised to see her turn around and slap him in front of hundreds of people without thinking twice. I feel that this was a very bold move and required a lot of guts. Rather than keeping quiet, people should take a step and be bold for change towards these offenders.

Ujjwal Bhasin, 23.
[Category Manager at Kraftly].


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