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How To Make This Mother’s Day Special

posted by kraftly May 7, 2016 1 Comment

Isn’t your mom the person who has made the most significant contribution to the person you are today? Isn’t she the most beautiful person you know? Surely, she deserves to feel special and what better day to let her know what she means to you than Mother’s Day. Don’t Panic if you haven’t made up your mind already about how to rock her world. Here are a few ideas to make this mother’s day special and make sure to get your mom all mushed up and giddy with joy at your thoughtful gesture – (As if, she needs anymore reason to dote on you than she already does !! ). Anyways, here’s the list:

Give her your TIME

YES, It’s that simple. Just spend the day with her. The ENTIRE DAY. And be present, yes, you have to put that phone down, no WhatsApp, just plain old one on one interaction with the most amazing woman in your life.
In today’s busy world, we are so caught up in our day to day routines and not to forget the whole social media and electronic paraphernalia that we just don’t take the time to sit down and just talk to the people we love. When was the last time you did this for your MOM??

Can’t figure out what you will do the entire day with your phone out of the picture? I know that can turn out to be traumatic for quite a few of us. We are addicted to our phones. But a few decades ago we were managing quite well without these attention hogging, alienating gadgets. How about just going over old family pictures and movies? How about talking to your mom about her dreams when she was younger? Quizzing her about her reflections on her life – get some wisdom from her.

Ooh!! How about you cook for her for a change?? Won’t that be special. You don’t have to sit at home the entire day!! Take her out for a meal, a movie maybe? Take her shopping –which mom wouldn’t love this? Or just go for a walk with her to some park. Really spend some REAL time with her. Trust me it will put the widest smile on that gorgeous face.

Make Something For Her – Only For Her

Won’t be able to spend the entire day with her or you think you want to do more besides just spending time. MAKE SOMETHING FOR HER! Bake her a Cake! Or write a letter to her. Posting on FB or Instagram is so common. This time do something different, literally tell her what she means to you and why. What are the things you are most grateful to her for.

Make a picture collage/scrap book/ a video slide. If you can do crafts, there’s nothing like something you can make for her with your two hands that she can hang over one of her walls or put in a cabinet that reminds her of what a thoughtful son or daughter you are.

Gifts Never Go Out Of Fashion

Buy her a gift: Don’t have the time to make something or spend the entire day with mum. It’s understandable, don’t beat yourself up about it. Mothers don’t expect much from their kids. They don’t want expensive presents from you. For them, it’s truly the thought that matters. Their love is unconditional, even an “I love you” from their kids is enough to make their eyes well up with tears of joy.

Imagine what a small piece of Jewellery , a Saree or a framed photo of you and her would do. And if you gift your mom a nice relaxing day at the Spa, she would never thank you enough for it. If you are feeling even more gregarious and brimming with appreciation for your dear mommy, send her on that trip she always dreamed of going on.

All these gifts can be bought with the click of a button in today’s world so go ahead and do the best thoughtful thing you can do for the most thoughtful person in your life.


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