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Fun harry potter spells and charms

posted by Isha Rathee August 6, 2016 0 comments

I have grown up reading Harry Potter, almost alongside Harry. The books have given me countless hours of happiness. JK Rowlings style is such that you are 100% involved in the book and invested in the characters and their lives. When I was younger I would find myself envying many things about Harry’s magical world, most of all MAGIC (of course)!

Like young Harry during his first visit to Flourish and Blotts with Hagrid was wild to find out how to curse Dudley, I found myself envisioning some of the spells IN REAL LIFE. How cool would it be if you could fly on a broomstick, change your appearance completely, instantly at will, travel in time, conjure fire out of nothing and make undesirable objects vanish into thin air? Mindblowingly cool. The release of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child has got me thinking about some of the most fun spells that are featured in the book. There are so many that it was difficult to pick one over another but I managed eventually.

My top 10 favourites are:

10. Accio- the summoning charm

A god send for every lazy person out there. Just imagine sitting in front of the laptop with your favourite show buffering and not having to get up for food, food will automatically fly towards you. Ah true luxury!

9. Bubblehead charm – provides user with airtight bubble of oxygen

If you’re in Delhi or any Indian city for that matter, I’m sure you’ve wished you could walk around the streets with your own supply of pure, clean oxygen protected from the pollution and disgusting smells. Another benefit you can breathe underwater for as long as the charm lasts. Fantastic!


8. Piertotum locomotor – brings statues to life

Seriously your own personal army at your ‘wands tip’. Imagine walking around the city randomly bringing statues to life. Refrain from political figures though, we have more than enough of those already.

7. Slugulus eructo – puke slugs and slime

While certainly not fun if you find yourself at the receiving end like Ron did in his second year, this would be a cool spell to use on anyone that really annoys you. Let them puke slugs for 10 minutes or so, that will teach them to not mess with you.

6. Episkey – Healing spell

We first see it used by Tonks when Harry’s nose is broken by Malfoy in the Half blood prince. As someone who falls down and hurts themself a lot, this would be a really handy spell to be able to perform.

5. Cheering Charm – as the name suggests

What a wonderful spell, awesome to use when your friend is really bummed out and nothing else will cheer him/her up.

4. Confundo – confusing charm

Perfect to use on your boss or teacher to confuse them into thinking you were working all day long whereas in fact you were actually reading Harry Potter. The possibilities are endless.

3. Evanesco – vanishing spell

Being able to make things vanish? Wow, I cant even begin to list the number of things I would love to see disappear off the face of this earth. This spell could be used for fun – to hide evidence of mischief or for good – like getting rid of ISIS once and for all.

2. Legilimens – ‘mind reading’

Although Snape doesn’t approve of the term, this is essentially the base of the spell. Read minds, know what people are thinking, you’d never be at a loss in any situation. A really cool power to have

1. Bedazzling spell

Ah the invisibility spell (of a kind, not everyone can have invisibility cloaks made by death ok).
Need I say more?

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