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Selling on Facebook Groups Made Easy!

posted by Pallavi Siddhanta April 26, 2017 0 comments

Facebook, being the universal social media channel, has turned into a hotbed of sharing and browsing unique, handcrafted products online. These products are especially those that don’t surface in the barrage of goods that flood online marketplaces. Facebook groups are being used extensively for selling by marketplace and non-marketplace sellers.

Many Sellers share their products directly to their customers on “buy and sell” groups on Facebook. Lakhs of customers combined actively participate on these Facebook groups to buy products that they see and like online. Visibility and virality are two advantages that Facebook could add to your product posts simply because of the number of persons that such groups can reach out to.

Why Use Facebook Groups for Selling?

Great for market research and understanding buyer sentiments:

Facebook groups allow you to hold polls about your products, do like vs. share polls, ask for answers in comments about specific questions, post engaging quiz questions, and much more. Your creativity here lies in asking the right questions. The users in such places are ever ready to engage with you.

Great place to collaborate with similar sellers or merchants:

You can read into your competition just as well as you can read your audience. See what kinds of goods your competitors deal in, their price points, sale strategy and more, to refine your own. Many of these sellers don’t sell on marketplaces, so even their ideas for selling are often unique and worth drawing inspiration from.

Visibility & Virality:

You share, your friends share, their friends share, and it goes on. Now, imagine sharing your products with an FB group which has over a lakh followers! Your posts about your products get much more visibility on such groups than they would on your timeline or page. Think about it – you share a very appealing product, and lakhs of customers see them. Orders keep coming after that!

The idea is share often on Facebook groups to skyrocket your reach, and eventually, sales. You can try sharing your products on these active Facebook groups for specific categories to promote your shop and reach out to many more customers than you currently do!

Decor and Handicrafts:

Handicrafts for Sale – 72000 members

Home Decor India -17138 members

Indian Handicrafts & Gifts Shopping – 15000 members

Handicraft Sale – 22500 members

Decor Drama – 6217 members

Wedding Shopping:

WedTalk – 66000 members

Shopper’s Darbar – 50250 members

Casual, Indian, Fusion Fashion:

Shopwati 113,000 members

Kraftly Konnect – 29000 members

Women Online Shopping – 92000 members

Delhi Fashion – 16916 members

Accessories and Fashion:

Delhi Shopping Bazaar – 27000 members

My Shopping Street – 29000 members

Fashion Funk – 6000 members

Magicka Women – 32000 members

Gifts – Buy & Sell – 28374 members

Share your Kraftly shop and products to these active groups, to make your shop ultimately a household name. Go forth, sell big!

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