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Why you should be excited about Pokemon Go

posted by Nikhil Chowdhary July 12, 2016 0 comments

Pokemon, one of the most sought after Nintendo games of the 90’s is back and here to stay. Remember that time when we used to use our Game Boy’s to play Pokemon games all day? Being 90’s kids, we all had that phase where we would either have a deck of Pokemon cards, games, cartoons, making it a perpetual hot topic of discussion. But, what if I told you that Pokemon just took things up a notch? So much so that their now adult fans could relive those golden Poke days again, only much more interactively?

Pokemon has outdone itself with Pokemon Go. A free game for android and IOS devices that helps you move a step further from traditional gaming and virtual reality. Let’s quickly run through why you should be excited about Pokemon Go.

Welcome to world of augmented reality

With the launch of Pokemon Go, we get to experience augmented reality first hand. Now you must be wondering what augmented reality is? Well, like virtual reality is experienced through head gear, augmented reality taps into technology to alter the world around you. For example, on the basis of the time of the day and your location, you can capture Pokemons’ at different locations in the real world. Which means you will have to go to specific locations to catch them. Never thought I’d say this but Pokemon=exercise now.
Pokemon Go 1

Adult Pokemon lovers can relive their childhood

This game seems to be quite an interesting proposition for the fans who really made Pokemon what it is today. Kids from the 90’s are full grown adults today so it was very important to make the game interactive enough to bring back its old fan base and give them a chance to enjoy the game in a new way.
Pokemon Go 2

Gives a taste of logic

That’s not the only thing, when we say it uses the location and time to detect Pokemon around you in different places, we mean that it is very specific. You’ll find more water Pokemons’ around wet areas while you’ll find more grass based Pokemons’ in areas with a lot of flora. This makes the game more realistic although magical creatures with mystical powers is very far from anything logical.
Pokemon Go 3

It’s free!!!

Yes, you read it right! You can experience Pokemon Go without having to spend a penny on getting it. Simply download it for free from IOS and Android platforms and become a part of the race today!
Pokemon Go 4

So what are you waiting for? Hurry up! You’ve gotta catch ‘em all!

We hope you liked what you read! So give us your insights and tell us what you think of Pokemon Go in the comments section below.

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