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Effective House Party Tips– How to be the Perfect Hostess?

posted by Somya Sood June 25, 2016 0 comments

Invited some friends over for a house party? Wondering if you will be able to pull it off?    Getting jittery before the D Day? Well, get a hold on yourself!! It’s not rocket science!! And of course we are here to help!! After these awesome house party tips and tricks for which you will in probability be crowned the Queen of House Party Hosting (if such a title exists :P. You can take our word for it!! 😉

STEP 1 – Stop Sulking Get Going!

I got everything done by worrying #saidnooneever. So get on your feet and get planning. Planning is the most important part of being a decent hostess. Make a #todo list. Your planning should cover the following broad aspects of the party:

1) Guest-list

Invite people who are likely to get along well together. You don’t want 2-3 different groups that won’t talk to each other. This is crucial to ensuring your guests have a good time.

2) Invites

Use a simple app like #photogrid to create your invite. Make it fun but simple. Don’t forget to mention, time, venue, occasion and theme (<3 theme parties) if any. Oooh and please, please, please, mention your phone number for RSVPing.

3) Food

a. Try to create a menu that most people are likely to enjoy. Make sure you have a few dishes to suit both vegetarians’ and non vegetarians’ tastes.

b. Be creative. Take some #masterchef inspiration. Presentation is important.

c. Pick food items that can be prepped in advance and take less time to cook. If you want to be a good hostess, you can’t be pottering around in the kitchen the entire time, you need to spend some time interacting with your guests.

d. Instead of too much variety go for few select dishes that can be replenished fast and don’t require you to be in the kitchen the whole time. Pick rice over chapattis or get paranthas made in advance.

e. Deep fried and pan-fried food is a good choice, so are salads as they can be prepared in advance and allowed to chill in the fridge

f. Dessert is ideally taken care of well before the guests arrive.

g. Get all your china and crockery and table linen sorted well in time. Check out these awesome serve-ware we have picked out #justforyou.

house party tips

4) Get your Drinks in Order

No party is complete without the booze
a. Make sure you have all the mixers, alcohol and the right glasses in place. Here’s an infographic that will make sure you goof up while bartending to your guests.

house party tips 2

b. You can also pre-mix some cocktails and make some Mojito/ Sangria pitchers ready well in advance to get your guests in the groove.

5) Music

a. Get your party playlist ready well in advance. You don’t want someone with bad taste to highjack your Bluetooth speakers and kill the party vibes.

b. Keep some mellow numbers for the start, some snappy dance numbers to get the party going and some rowdy bollywood numbers for when everyone is totally smashed.

STEP 2- Execute!!

TIP 1 –Take help from your friends and family as much as you can. You don’t want to be exhausted by the time your guests arrive.
TIP 2 –Food is going to take the most energy. If you are not outsourcing, be sure to get everything prepped up and put aside well in time.
TIP 3 – Serving food can be a kill joy for the hostess. Get your part time maid to stay back or outsource these waiters to ease the load. Just search waiters on hire on Justdial. Isn’t outsourcing the best 😉
TIP4 – Tip 2 allows you to get some beauty sleep and to look your best in front of your guests. After your nap put on your favorite dress, your dancing shoes and get ready to Rock and Roll !!

STEP 3 – Enjoy the party

It’s your party after all and if you aren’t having any fun what’s the point. Let your hair down, chat with your friends, dance. This is what all the pre –prepping, planning and sick tips we have given will allow you to do. Also, if you have nice friends they will surely help around to make sure you have a good time. If not, consider deleting them from your house party guest list for like FOREVER!! You need some new friends, girl! Just Kidding 😉

Have a Rocking Party!!

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