DIY- Woven Bangles

posted by Imtimenla Jamir January 19, 2017 0 comments

Weaving has had quite a resurgence of late, so I thought it would be fun to translate this craft trend into something wearable. It’s winters and I liked the idea of a warm cozy bangle wrapped in colorful yarn. I know yarn wrapped accessories are not a new thing, but the idea of weaving a pattern is an accessible way to experiment with designing woven patterns without having to commit to a big project. And if you are someone who doesn’t go out without accessories then this DIY can do a lot of favor for you. It’s fuss free and looks beautiful when it’s done.

These bangles look great worn as a stack, so make a few that co-ordinate together. In fact, make many so that you can gift it to your friends. And If you can’t get wooden bangle blanks, you can buy plastic bangles at the thrift store and refashion them.

Raw Materials:

Old bangle, two or three color woolen thread(Depending on how many you want)

Step 1:

Take the yarn and tie the ends to each other. Here I have used only two colors, you can use many if you want it more colorful.

Step 2:

Now twine the yarn around the bangle closely. There should be no gap and you can make it two layers if you want a thicker one, but I suggest that you keep it as one layered.

Step 3:

When you are satisfied with the amount of yarn in your bangle, tie the end to each other around the bangle and there you go, as easily as you started you got a colorful woolen bangle in less than 5 minutes. What more do you want!

Play with different colors and weave patterns to create different designs. You could even try using varied materials like string or fine ribbon to create interesting textures. We just helped you with basics, now it’s your turn to take it to the next level and explore your creativity.
A Fluffy yarn is perfect for winter accessories, but why not try the same technique with embroidery floss for wearing in spring and summer. Let’s try that!

Time to accessorize your favorite outfit. Let us know how you like it in the comments below and share your DIY ideas.

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