DIY- Quilling Christmas Card

posted by Imtimenla Jamir December 24, 2016 0 comments

Greeting someone with Christmas card is an age old tradition and whether we find it too cliche or we follow the tradition religiously, we cannot ignore that cards in itself is a very warm thoughtful expression, especially if it’s handmade with sweet messages inside. And while the Christmas countdown has begun with tremendous preparation and unmeasured excitement filling the December air, have you thought of doing something for those that matter most to you! Well, every year I make sure that I let my loved ones know how much they mean to me, by planning small surprises and slipping unexpected chit’s and gifts under the Christmas tree, because it’s a season of undivided joy and we grow that joy by sharing it selflessly. This year I’m spending my Christmas away from home but I have sent my love across. What have you planned for yours? Or are you still in a dilemma? well, I can help you out. Follow this step-by-step quilling Christmas card DIY and you can send them to all your near and dear ones by filling it with expressive warm hand-written messages. People that matters to you should know that they are being treasured and a blessing that they are to your life.

Raw materials:

Paper, quilling strips, glue, pencil, quilling needle, golden glitter

Step 1:


Fold the paper from the middle and on the front side of your card draw a neat outline of a Christmas tree.

Step 2:


Then, using the quilling needle start quilling the paper strips in small and medium sizes and paste it with the glue within the outline of the Christmas tree, making sure that all the quilling strips are of different sizes and your tree looks packed.

Step 3:


Paste a contrasting red quilled strip at the top of the tree.

Step 4:


Using the glitter pen decorate your card around the card. You can put any designs that you like, just try to keep it around the Christmas theme. Then, keep the card to dry.

There you go! Your self-made greeting card is ready to carry the joyous message around. Wish someone warmly by writing something special about them inside the card, after all, hand written cards always mean more than the one you buy it from your Archies and Hallmark. Do something special this Christmas for your loved ones, pass hand-written notes, snuggle small gifts in places where they least expects it, take them out for dinner and just express that they mean the world to you. Small gestures can speak volumes and move the heart. Be their warm secret Santa, tell them you love them with this card. Merry Christmas and happy holidays everyone!

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