DIY plastic can lights for this Diwali season

posted by Nikhil Chowdhary October 10, 2016 0 comments

Make this Diwali a special one with these awesome and attractive plastic can lights that will save you a lot of money. What’s great is that you can use them over and over each year and you won’t believe that you’ve actually been buying a new set every year.
Raw materials: All you need is a marker, paper cups, different coloured paper, double sided tape and scissors.

Step 1

Take the different coloured paper and start cutting it in the same dimensions as the cups.

Step 2

Begin sticking these cut outs around the cups with the help of double sided tape.

Step 3

Now proceed to making incisions to the base of the cup in which these lights will be put as shown in the video above.

Step 4

You now have your brand new cup lights ready for use. Didn’t think it was this easy did you?

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