DIY- Mason Jar String Art

posted by Arushi Singh November 23, 2016 0 comments

Mason Jar, a cute piece of crockery that everybody is in love with these days. These jars are a rage and why not? You can use the for so many things, as quirky crockery, as lamps, as vase etc. Our love for these cute multipurpose jars is immense that we were inspired to give the famous mason jar a new look with different materials! So if you find yourself tuning out of these stout glass beauties you can make your own unique version out of colourful strings!

Raw materials: A wooden board, iron nails, a pencil, embroidery thread, and a hammer.

Step 1:

Take the pencil and draw a neat outline of a mason jar on the bottom half of the wooden board. Make sure the jar is big and has ample space inside and outside the outline.

Step 2:

Now, be very careful with this step. Take the nails and hammer each of it along the outline of the jar on the board. Make sure the nails are fixed sturdy and at almost same level on the wooden board

Step 3:

Take the thread and start wrapping a single loop around each nail one after the other along the outline. Once the outline of the jar is looped in thread, start wrapping the thread on the nails diagonally in such a way that a sort of mesh forms over the empty body of he jar. Repeat this a few times until the thread covers the shape completely.

Step 4:

Finish by looping the loose end of the thread in a knot and cut out the left over.

Step 5:

Take a bunch of your favourite flowers and insert them in the string jar from the space between the nails on the top end. Well, there you have it, your very own string mason jar art.

We hope you liked this step by step walk through of how to make a string mason jar from the comfort of your home! Don’t forget to give us your insights in the comments section below.

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