DIY Ideas for Home Decoration With Newspaper

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Home Decoration With Newspaper

Who said that the essence of newspaper is only for a day, it can stay forever. You can create beautiful home decoration with newspaper recycling. This will not only help save the environment but also save money and make your decoration looks out of the box. They are an excellent material; all you need is to unlease your imagination and explore brand new ways of creating something beautiful.

So, here are some of the easy DIY home decorations ideas that you can do with an old newspaper. Let’s get started!

Newspaper Bag

Whenever you got out in market, either you have to carry a bag or buy it from vendors. Since, we are encouraging an eco-friendly, here’s an easy way of creating a beautiful newspaper bag. All you need is newspaper, glue and a lace to add that pinch of “beauty” to your bag.

Home Decoration With Newspaper 1
Tip: To make your newspaper bag more durable, you can add a thick cardboard in the bottom. And make sure you don’t add too much stuff in a single bag.

Decorative Rose Flower

Friend’s birthday or parent’s anniversary? Here’s an idea of packing your gift with a twist, quite literally. Craft a beautiful rose flower with newspaper. All you need is newspaper, glue and an old bobby pin.

Home Decoration With Newspaper 2
Tip: Paste this rose flower on a bright color gifting wrap so that it stands out. You can also use it on a card or your notebook.

DIY Newspaper Night-lamp

Now, this is a quite innovative idea. You can actually craft a newspaper lamp that will cost you 1/4 of the cost of a lamp. Here’s how to do it.

Home Decoration With Newspaper 3

Tip: Make sure you leave enough space in the bottom so that any kind of bulb or light can fit into it.

DIY Newspaper bowl

Keep your fruits in this bowl and please your guests with this innovative idea. Here’s how to do it:

Home Decoration With Newspaper 4

Tip: Don’t forget to brush the entire bowl with a mixture of glue and water in the end to harden it. Use metal color to pain the bowl to give a metallic look to it. Nobody is going to believe that it is made up of newspaper.

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