DIY- Ribbon-Lace Choker

posted by Imtimenla Jamir December 2, 2016 0 comments

Regardless of whether you love the choker trend or not, you simply cannot ignore that 90’s thin or thick black piece of leather or fabric that is tied around our neck is a major comeback and has been the hottest trend this season. They have been loved by young and the old alike, from awards ceremonies to girlfriend lunch dates, chokers have seen it all. And surprisingly, chokers look good with almost everything- from a normal tee outfit to a long flowy dress. Chokers are perhaps the easiest to make too, indeed you can make it yourself. Follow our step by step process and have a self-made, stylish choker by the end of it.

Raw Materials:

Pearl thread, pins, scissors, ribbons, ladder lace.

Step 1:

Take the ribbon, lace, and the pin. Cut both the ribbon and lace according to the length you want to use, but keep the ribbon length longer than that of the lace. It is also necessary that you use a ladder lace.

Step 2:

Then, align the ribbon and ladder lace together by inserting the ribbon into the lace after every four to five gaps.

Step 3:

Now, take the pearl thread and cut it with the help of the scissor. Keep its length shorter than that of the lace. Take out the rest of the pearl from the thread and tie both ends to secure the pearls.

Step 4:

Loosen the ribbon and insert the pearl thread on top of the ribbon, keeping it aligned.

Step 5:

Take separate three to four pearls in a thread and tie it to the front center of your choker. Cut all loose ends for finishing and you’re done.

I love how this choker will go with all my outfits, making me look stylish instatntly. Now that you know how easy it is to make a choker, invest a little more time and make as many as you want in different colors and materials. Let us also know if you have any ideas up your sleeves, we’d love to see your version of a DIY choker. Share it with your girlfriends and comment how your choker turned out.

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