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How to Decorate Your Desk in Your Budget

posted by Somya Sood July 2, 2016 0 comments
decorate your desk in budget

Your workstation is probably where you spend more than 50% of your waking hours. It’s a space where you work hard to make your dreams come true day after day after day. But, nobody said your cubicle has to be a blank, boring section of the office!! Your cubicle is a reflection of who you are and your surroundings play a big role in keeping you positive and motivated! So, add some personality to your work station and set yourself apart from the crowd. Your workstation will become a haven where you can ideate, achieve your targets and nail those deadlines. Here are 10 ways to decorate your desk in your budget which keeps you motivated the entire day:

Perky Pen Stands

Keep losing pens by the dozen? Check out these cool pen stands to keep your stationary in order.

decorate your desk in budget

Manic Memos

Check out these uber cool memo pads to keep help you keep your thoughts straight and to make sure you don’t miss out on any important to-do item.

decorate your desk in budget 1

Funky Calendars

These will not only tell you when you can plan your next long weekend trip, but also display a bit of your cool personality. You might just up your #officeswag.

decorate your desk in budget 2

Oh My God

No work station is complete without a picture or an idol of your favorite deity. Keep one just to make sure you stay blessed and to pray to in times of distress. Now you don’t have to visit the local temple to pray that your boss gets transferred ASAP. You can do it from your desk right after you get a totally unnecessary lecture. 😉

decorate your desk in budget 3

Knick Knacks

Office Stationary has a cool new avatar and we have picked out the best from the lot #justforyou. From foldable silicon calculators, funky paper clips, briefcase card holders to colorful cable organizers, we’ve got you covered.

decorate your desk in budget 4

Desk Decoratives

Add a few showpieces such as a bike or a compass that’s also a paperweight to add more personality to your workstation. You may even add a plant or two and watch them grow as you grow in your organization.

decorate your desk in budget 5

Friends and Family

Your relationships are the most critical part of your lives. No matter how career oriented you may be they are your backbone and the reason you are where you are today. Even if work keeps you away from them for a major part of the day, you can keep them at hand in these colorful photo frames.

decorate your desk in budget 6

Desk Organizers

If your desk is a mess, no amount of pimping up can save it. Get rid of the clutter with these handy desk organizers.

decorate your desk in budget 7

Motivational Magic

Here’s a collection of framed motivational quotes to keep you focused on your goals every day.

decorate your desk in budget 8

Mouse-pad Madness

Mouse pads just got a massive makeover. Check out these cool mousepads to glam up your work station.

decorate your desk in budget 9

So what are you waiting for? Decorate your workstation and own it!! If you are looking to buy any of these quirky product, check out out collection and start shopping.

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