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Decoding the Special Love Gift Ideas – For Valentine & Beyond

posted by kraftly February 11, 2016 0 comments
Love Gift Ideas

Audrey Hepburn once said, “The best thing to hold onto in life is each other.” Remembered for one of the most memorable love films of all time – Breakfast At Tiffany’s – it reminds us that it’s the people – and not the things – that matter most in life.

Although Audrey Hepburn was ‘window shopping’ for jewellery on most mornings, there are lots of other gifts that you can get to show your love to those who matter most in your life. Valentine’s Day is almost here and this is the best time to get creative and catch each other’s fancy.

Both Of You Already Expect A Gift, So How Can You Make It Special?

Your significant other already expects a gift–so it’s no big surprise, is it? Think again – your gift can be as special as you want it to be. You can write them a poem and frame it if you want, or make a book about why you love them and are thankful for him or her! Remember that it’s the thought that counts–giving a personal and thoughtful gift is the best way to go.

So What All Can I Do That’s Different?

Surprise your partner with a special getaway together – even if it means a day’s road trip to a vacation home, it is worth the drive. And it’s always a lot less obvious than a gift wrapped up in colorful paper (although you can do both too!).

If you want to stay at home instead, you can try some simple things around the house. Put bite-sized chocolates, little heart-shaped candies or even rose buds at places your spouse is bound to take note of – like in the car, a coat or jacket pocket, or even shoes (but make sure he or she doesn’t walk around with feet in chocolate all day!). But remember, some simple things – like prepare a neat candlelight dinner for two at home, give your spouse a massage and watch a romantic movie – can just not be ignored, even if they sound like clichés.

Valentine’s Day Isn’t Complete without a Love Gift

The time you spend with your partner is priceless – and gifts that can help you express that are the best ones. Depending on how much you can splurge – you can go for the evergreen choices of watch, dresses or even home decor items for her (if you can pick the ones she’ll like!), or watches or gadgets for him (again, you have to be precise here). But you can also go for simpler items that are easier to pick and can last a lifetime – like a book he or she has on their wish list. A foolproof way to pick a good gift is to look for special product collections that are released around the Valentine’s week every year – pick the goods you like and you can’t go wrong here.

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Okay, This Is All Interesting, But What Else?

Gifting aside, the best way to show how much you love your spouse is to plan an activity with him or her – it shows you are willing to go out of your way and do something that the other likes or has an inclination towards. For instance you can plan to join sessions of couple yoga or even join a dance class together. If that’s not your cup of tea, something as simple as sitting together and painting or drawing (something most of us haven’t done in the longest of time!) can be fulfilling and fun. You should try it!


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