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Coolest Superhero Powers We Wish We Had

posted by kraftly February 23, 2016 0 comments
Superhero powers

You Are Never Too Old to Love Superhero flicks. Right from our childhood, superheroes have been our favorite and at some point of time, we all wished to have certain superhero that could get us out of crisis. So, here’s our handpicked list of superhero powers that we all had wished to have.

Strength Like The Hulk

Isn’t it cool if you could just lift your car and walk easily in the traffic? Well, with the strength of the Hulk, that would be a cakewalk for you. Dr. Bruce Banner, a brilliant scientist could just transform into Incredible Hulk – somebody who poses super duper strength, endurance and amazing human speed, something we all want not just to impress but to scare as well 😉superhero powers hulk

Flying and X-Ray Vision From Superman

We can create a list of superpowers we would love to have from Superman. This Man of Steel is the mightiest superhero with a heart of gold. His powers are not only limited to his strength, but the ability to fly, super speed, see through anything, heat vision. And having these powers within us would be so great. Just imagine how much trouble you can avoid if you could know exactly what you are getting into before leaving the club with someone 😉

superhero powers superman

Healing Powers like Wolverine

Imagine you are shot in the face and somebody else is shot and you have the Wolverine’s heading factor and you know everything’s going to be OK. You will be easily counted out for a fight and it would be so easy for you to re-attach your limbs and psych yourself up for round two.

superhero powers wolverine

Money & Gadgets Like Batman

Though Batman doesn’t possess any superpowers, but we all want to own his super-awesome gadgets His suit, batmobile, utility belt and never say die attitude and not to forget tons of money makes us super jealous and we wish we had them.

superhero powers batman

Own Hammer Like Thor

So, you have to go to the office or party with friends and suddenly it starts thundering. The mood is spoilt, isn’t it? But what if you have the super ability to control and affect the weather like The Norse God of Thunder, Thor. We guess, you will not complain about the harsh thundering anymore and many people will be thankful of that. 😀

superhero powers thor

Wall-Crawling Like Spiderman

If you could crawl on walls like Spiderman, you can go anywhere and at anytime easily, just imagine! Something about Spiderman swinging through the streets and high-rises of a metropolitan city seems like the greatest fun you can have with your clothes on.

superhero powers spiderman

Well, we cannot possess these powers, but you can always keep our favorite superheros with us, thanks to awesome merchandize. Don’t forget to check out more superhero collection available at Kraftly.

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