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What if We had Censorship in Real Life like Udta Punjab

posted by kraftly June 14, 2016 0 comments
Udta Punjab

The recent scoop surrounding the launch of the movie, “Udta Punjab” has stirred up a wave of controversy among the masses in regard to censorship. Well, it is our fault that we dare to tread new boundaries in an intolerant society.
Just kidding! It seems as though everything under the sun is being censored by the authorities and its making everyone mad. At a time like this, we can’t help but imagine what life would actually be like if it were censored like our movies are today! And we couldn’t stop laughing!

Eat, Live, Censor!

Bathing is an activity we all like to engage in personally, and we’re totally fine with that! But just imagine every time you look down in the bath and only see censor bars instead of the grand surprise you were hoping to get a glimpse of. Doesn’t seem like a lot of fun now does it?

Udta Punjab 1

Honk Honk Beep

We already deal with the daily frustrations of driving to and fro from work. On top of that, waiting for hours in that lovely traffic we’re always complaining about is a bonus. But added to that situation, you can’t even use your own choice of words when someone cuts in to your lane or comes within scratching distance of your ride. Sometimes a good “F@#$ off” can convey a message with more clarity than a long *Beep*.


The Sanskari Romance

Let’s face it! Boy or girl, we’ve all watched our fair share of romantic movies. No, not those one’s you dirty fellow. The type in which the boy spends most of the movie chasing after the girl, etc. etc. as they finally reach the most awaited scene of the film. The kiss!  Now imagine the same in real life. You’re reaching in for a kiss and kaboom! Two flower meet,disheartning isn’t it?



*Beep*= State

This one’s the big one! If according to the CBFC if the city names in the film Udta Punjab will be censored, every state would have the same name. *Beep*. Imagine looking for a place on Google Maps! It will look like a lot of identical places. Time to rely on latitudes and longitudes again.


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