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What You Can Expect from The Sarabhai v/s Sarabhai Comeback

posted by Nipun Taneja July 1, 2016 0 comments

Believe it or not, there is a very high chance of the new season getting made. A rumour is enough to get us all excited and revive our favourite memories from Sarabhai v/s Sarabhai. Even though we might not remember our Facebook password, we can recollect everything from Maya’s taunts to Indravadan’s antics to Rosesh’s poetry. To increase the anticipation for this comeback, here are a few things we can expect now:

Dushyant shifting into the same building. We want that!

Rosesh: Sonya kaisi hai?
Dushyant: Sonya? Uski wrist watch kahaan kaam kar rahi hai.

The goofiest character of all, Dushyant. We can only speculate what the future season has in store for him. But it would be too much fun to see him and Sonya move into the same building as the Sarabhai’s and watch the entire family cope with his eccentricities.

Dushyant- Sarabhai

Sahil & Monisha’s kid.

If they really were to have a kid in this new season, the women of the family will definitely have another person to fight over (after Sahil). Can you imagine Maya’s reaction if she saw Monisha using a piece of cloth instead of a diaper?! And even you know, that is a very probable situation.

Monisha-Maya Sarabhai

Rosesh getting married. *It’s High time*

It would be amazing to see Rosesh finally married and settled. Though, the most interesting part would be to find out whether the girl he marries, turns out to be High class like Maya or Middle class like Monisha (Don’t mind haan beta).
Well, we should remember that Rosesh did almost get married to Kismi, who had a lot more in common with Monisha than with Maya. Guess, Monisha has an edge here.

Maya Sarabhai

More of Madhusudhan.

It would not be an exaggeration to say that all of us would love to see more of ‘Madhu Phupha’ on screen.
We can only imagine what would happen if him and Dushyant were to cross paths (as they did in the episode where Dushyant came to repair the fridge).
This is what legends are made of!

Madhu Phupha

So brace yourselves, the official announcement can come any day now and you can scream in joy then.

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